Şehit Polis Yalçın Yamaner Boulevard Modernized

sehit polis yalcin yamaner bulvari modernized
sehit polis yalcin yamaner bulvari modernized

Army Metropolitan Municipality last layer of asphalt spilled by the Police Martyrs Yalçın Yamaner Boulevard was the lifeblood of the region with access to the ring road as well as urban transport with a modern look.


With Karapınar Neighborhood Karşıyaka Şehit Polis Yalçın Yamaner Boulevard, which is an important artery in traffic by connecting the neighborhood to each other, has been completed asphalt works on the double 3 km. As a result of the asphalting works and markings, the road route, which has a modern appearance, attracted attention. Şehit Polis Yalçın Yamaner Boulevard, which provides the connection between the ring road and the Black Sea coastal road, became an alternative for the drivers in urban transportation and contributed to the decrease in the traffic density on the Black Sea coastal road.


Drawn to the road surface in order to provide guidance to users of the road lines, arrows, text and symbols from occurring gained a modern look, with horizontal marking works and road traffic lane lines Martyrs Police Yalçın Yamaner Boulevard, he took full note of the citizens with a new look. The road, which serves as a double, was used intensively after being opened to vehicle traffic.

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