Is there a raise in public transportation in Samsun?

samsunda mass ulasima hike is coming
samsunda mass ulasima hike is coming

Following the hike in water in Samsun, the hike to transportation has now come to the fore. Evaluating the subject, TÜKODER Samsun Branch President Sema Onar Yaktı said, 'What is this increase in the period when everyone is discounted?'

According to the prices determined by SAMULAŞ in Samsun, full tram prices between OMÜ Tekkeköy between 1-10 stops 1,88 TL, 1-21 stops 2,20 lira, 1-28 stops 3,10 lira, 1-36 stops It is priced at 4 lira. The E1 Express bus running between the municipalities-OMU is priced at 2,50 pounds. As the number of stops will increase with the extension of the tram line to Ondokuz Mayıs University, tram prices are expected to rise.

Among the cities where transportation is the cheapest, Sanliurfa and Sakarya are coming with 1,75 lira. Then, with 2 lira, Van and Mardin follow. SAMULAŞ General Manager Anwar Sadat Tamgacı'nun previous duty in Malatya, the full charge 2,15 pounds, students 1,40 pounds. In addition, 120 boarding subscription card is full 165 TL, student is 105 pounds. Samsun does not have a subscription card. Tamgacı'nun whether to make a subscription card application in Samsun wonder.

civil charges in the 30 metropolitan municipalities in Turkey in the following way; Tram and municipal bus in Istanbul 2,60 lira, tram and municipal bus in Ankara 2,50 lira, tram and municipal bus in Izmir 3 lira, metro and city bus in Adana 2,25 lira, municipality in Antalya full ticket 2,60 lira in bus, 2,40 lira in tram, 2 lira in Aydın, 2,55 lira in tram in Bursa, 1 lira from 5-2,30 stops, 2,10 lira in Balıkesir, 2,50 lira in Denizli, 2 lira in Diyarbakır, 2,50 lira in Erzurum, tram and bus 2,50 lira in Eskişehir, tram and municipal bus in Gaziantep 2,10 lira, 2,50 in Hatay, 2,50 lira, tram and city bus in Kayseri 2,75 lira, tram and municipal bus in Kocaeli 2,15 lira, Malatya tram and municipal bus 2 lira, Mardin 2,25 lira, Manisa bus fare 10 lira Up to 2,25 kilometers 11 TL, 15-3,00 km 2,75 lira, Mersin 3 lira, Izmir tram and city bus 2,20 lira, Muğla 2,50 lira, Kahramanmaraş 1,75 lira, Sakarya short line 2,50 pounds, long line 2,50 pounds, Ordu 2,10 pounds, Konya tram y and the municipal bus is priced at 2 lira, 1,75 lira in Van, tram and municipal bus in Sanliurfa 2,50 lira and XNUMX lira in Tekirdag.

Pest Management
Stating that the increase in transportation after the water hike in Samsun will affect the citizen, Consumer Protection Association (TÜKODER) Samsun Branch President Sema Onar Yaktı said, “They moved the municipality to the distant hospitals. Can citizens go here on foot? If they don't have money, how are they going to go here, and there is talk about a hike in transportation. It's a real exploitation pattern of people. Everyone should question himself. As the President of the Consumer Protection Association, I ask Mustafa Demir. Was there a commitment to raise before the election? It's been a month. While water prices are falling in Istanbul and Ankara, why is there a hike in Samsun? ” said. (Erdinç YILDIZ - the Habergazete)

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