Some Roads Will Be Closed To Traffic In Samsun Due To May 19 Celebrations

some roads will be closed due to samsunda mayis celebrations
some roads will be closed due to samsunda mayis celebrations

Many ceremonies will be held for the 19th anniversary of 1919 May 100 in Samsun, where Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk started the national struggle. Ceremonies will be held in Samsun, leader of many political parties, especially President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN. In this sense, a warning was issued from the Governorship on Sunday, May 19. At certain time intervals, many roads, especially Atatürk Boulevard, will be closed to traffic and vehicles will serve from alternative routes.

In accordance with the warning made;
1. As far as the walking and activities are concerned, Fuar Caddesi, Cumhuriyet Street, 19 May Boulevard, Lise Street and the streets / streets opened to these places will be closed to the vehicle traffic until the programs end.

  1. Due to the "Marathon" to be run, between 06: 00-11: 00 hours between Fuar Caddesi, Adnan Menderes Boulevard West Park Sheraton Hotel and Golf Club Interchange, and Atatürk Boulevard Road Interchange and Atakent (TV) Interchange before the sea band marathon begins and the marathon ends. It will be closed to vehicle traffic until it ends.
  2. Due to the “Main Ceremony Program” to be held at Cumhuriyet Square at 09:40, between Atatürk Boulevard Port Interchange and Belediye Evler Interchange, it will be closed to traffic in a controlled manner and will be used for private / commercial vehicles, minibuses / vans, motorcycles etc. the passage of vehicles will not be allowed.

  3. The vehicles coming to watch the Turkish and Turkish Stars, which will be held in East Park, will not be taken into the activity area where the pedestrian density is very high and the vehicles will use the old 19 May Stadium parking area for the park and behind the Piazza Shopping Mall. The vehicles will not be allowed to park on the Atatürk Boulevard and the activity area and the sea band will be closed to traffic at the time of the 13: 00 and the Atatürk Boulevard Junction Junction and the Port Junction.

  4. 19 May 2019 will be closed to Cumhuriyet Avenue all day long on Sunday.

As an alternative route;
1. Our citizens from the direction of Sinop-Atakum Recep Tayyip Erdogan Boulevard, Ilkadim Boulevard, Peace Boulevard, 100. Year Boulevard

  1. Our citizens coming from Ordu-Tekkeköy direction will be able to use Ilkadim Boulevard, Recep Tayyip Erdogan Boulevard and Anadolu Boulevard as an alternative route.

    1. Year Boulevard - Teachers Street - 2
  2. The line minibuses coming from Atakum direction using the Fair Street will enter Atatürk Boulevard from the Port Interchange and use the 100th Anniversary Boulevard, the line minibuses from the Tekkeköy direction will use the 100th Year Boulevard by following the route of İlkadım Boulevard and take a turn from Barış Boulevard. and all line vans will never park along the route and will not pause unnecessarily.

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