Pedestrian Visual Line Study in Salihli

salihlide pedestrian safety in the foreground
salihlide pedestrian safety in the foreground

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality and Salihli Municipality implemented the first application in Salihli district center within the scope of the 'Pedestrian First' project initiated by the Ministry of Interior in 81 provinces to draw attention to pedestrian priority in traffic.

The teams affiliated to the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department carried out the first application by drawing the pedestrian crossing lines and 'Pedestrian First' visuals on Kurudere Street and Turan Street, where vehicle and pedestrian traffic is intense in the city center. The teams made line work on pedestrian crossings along with 'Pedestrian First' visuals that drivers can see. This will enable drivers to slow down safely when approaching the pedestrian crossing and to be warned by considering the appropriate distance to stop. It has been reported that the works will continue in Salihli district center.



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