Renault Trucks is in Mersin with 2019 Model T Series

renault trucks model t series with mersinde
renault trucks model t series with mersinde

Renault Trucks and its authorized dealer Imam Kayalıoğulları Otomotiv met with the leading logistics companies of Mersin. Participants also looked closely at Renault Trucks' 2019 T 520 high cabin vehicle.

Transport solutions with a combination of producing fields of professional services and that continuous investment in the Renault Trucks network in Turkey, met with customers in Mersin. The iftar dinner organized by the authorized dealer of Mersin, Imam Kayalıoğulları Otomotiv, was hosted by senior executives.

In the organization organized with the participation of Mersin-based logistics companies, Renault Trucks' 2019 model T 520 high cabin tractors were exhibited.

Olivier De Saint Meleuc, Senior Vice President of Renault Trucks, made the opening remarks at the event and welcomed their long-standing cooperation with their authorized dealers; "Turkey is a very important market for Renault Trucks. It will always continue to be an important and strategic market. As the leading players in the commercial vehicles sector, we are obliged to offer a service commitment as well as our vehicles. No matter how superior technology and performance your vehicle is, you will not be able to achieve success if you do not have a solid team after the sale. Therefore, we attach great importance to our after-sales service in our structuring in Turkey. We have a long-standing cooperation with Imam Kayaliogullari Otomotiv and we are receiving very positive notifications from our customers through our dedicated services. İm

20 is over the year Renault Trucks authorized to serve as authorized dealers Imam Kayaliogullari Automotive Chairman Hasan Mazicioglu; Alıy Renault Trucks is one of the most demanding commercial vehicle brands in Mersin. Especially, we are very pleased with the interest that Renault Trucks T series has seen in Mersin. Özellikle

Renault Trucks Turkey President Sebastian Delepine the 20 years in Mersin, noting that they actively offer products and services; "Mersin, Turkey's most important logistics base and the region for many years we have acquired an important place in our vehicles. In particular, our T series long hauler tractors meet the expectations of the companies providing logistics services in the region. In addition to its performance, the T series has been appreciated for its low fuel consumption and operating costs. That is why we wanted to bring our 2019 model T 520 to our customers in Mersin. Bu

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