Demiryolcular, met at the Ramadan Table of DEMARD Ankara Branch

railroaders demard met the ankara of the ankara
railroaders demard met the ankara of the ankara

DEMARD (Railway Machinery Association) Organized by Ankara Branch, TCDD employees came together.

Intense interest gisterilen Ankara Iftar program, Zonguldak MPs Polat TURKMEN, Ahmet ÇOLAKOGLU, Hamdi UÇAR, Duzce Deputy, Fahri CAKIR, DDGM General Manager Recep BILGIN BEKEM, General Director of TCDD Transport Co. General Manager Erol ARKAN, Demard Chairman Nami ARAS, Demard Ankara Branch President Metin GEDIK, DDGM, TCDD Transport and TCDD institutions, along with a large number of executives, mechanics and their families attended.

Speaking at the program, Demard Ankara Branch President Metin GEDİK and Demard Chairman Nami ARAS; Kon By thanking the deputies and the CEOs for their attendance to this beautiful organization, he thanked the mechanic staff for hearing the voices of a long-time struggle on the actual Service Hike and demanded a study on the subject and thanked for the sensitivity shown. Moreover, they stated that the organizations organized every year have become a tradition and they will be honored to see their valuable deputies again in the next organization. Ayr

Bilgin Recep BEKEM, General Manager of DDGM; General Director of TCDD Transportation Erol ARIKAN and MPs; , We would like to thank the Chairman and the Board of Directors of Demard Ankara Branch, the President of Demard, and the members of the Demard Ankara Branch for this beautiful organization. He expressed his gratitude for the sacred duty that they performed by sacrificing themselves and that they would support the struggle of the community on an important issue such as the Service Service.

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