Fast Train and Uraysim Projects are Eskişehir's National Case

quick train and uraysim projects
quick train and uraysim projects

The heart of the rail systems sector will be reloaded in Eskişehir. Eskişehir Chamber of Industry (ESO), which has rolled its arms in order to become the center of Eskişehir that witnessed the 163 year of 125 annual railway adventure of our country, will make the center of the sector with a series of projects in Eskişehir.

The first step in this regard, "Eskişehir Chamber of Industry Rail Systems 2023 Vision Problems / Solutions" report with manufacturers and academicians in the sector, who came together with the ESO, a new series of studies will be working to move the sector to the right place.

Celanettin Kesikbaş, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ESO, said that the production of high-speed train and URAYSİM (National Rail Research and Test Center) is the national cause of Eskişehir. As Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, we are starting to work at the end of Ramadan. Esk

It's time to find a solution
Rail systems Kesikbaş indicating the sector working in companies they started working on the sector solutions to problems in meeting result made with the Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union, 365 room / exchanges, he stressed that continuing negotiations level government agencies with relevant ministries.

Eskişehir ago that Traction Workshop after the rail system are ongoing with TULOMSAS at the desired level in the past said Kesikbaş, "Today and the world in both while there are significant investments in rail systems in Turkey could not be organized Eskisehir, unfortunately, urban dynamics as rail systems in the industry left behind. Representations about our rooms, clusters, rail systems sector, the problems could not be enough, did not understand the problems, could not produce solutions. It's time to get a hand on it, Buna he said.

Common Mind, Common Strategy, Common Vision
As Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, rail systems sector as soon as underlining that they will signed to work to find the value it deserves old Kesikbaş, in October this year Turkey's largest "of the Rail Systems Workshop" will in Eskişehir Chamber of leadership and started to work for the realization of Eskisehir reported. Kesikbas, izyon Eskişehir Chamber of Industry will demonstrate the Common Mind, Joint Strategy and Joint Vision for the Rail Systems Sector. In this sense, the railway system of Turkey and the important dynamics of the sector in the world, we will invite the institutions and scientists to Eskisehir. In this way, we will take the opportunity to take a serious step, Bu he said.

Resources to Rail Systems
Kesikbas mentioned that they will spend the European Union introductory fund for the promotion of the Rail Systems companies as. Eskişehir Chamber of Industry için and said için We will form a council with all components of the city and lobby for the promotion of Eskişehir Rail Systems companies. The production of high-speed trains should be the national issue of Eskişehir. We are starting to work at the end of Ramadan to bring the high-speed train production to Eskişehir. Hızlı

Now is the time for unity
Calling on all Eskişehir, politicians, scientists and industrialists to stand by TÜLOMSAŞ for the production of High Speed ​​Train in Eskişehir, ESO Chairman Kesikbaş said, in URAYSİM Rail Systems Test Center is a very important investment for Eskişehir. Some other cities are currently lobbying to get this project from Eskisehir. We provide all kinds of support to Anadolu University which is responsible for the project. We are closely following the issue. But as we say, the time has come as a city. Gibi

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