President Demir Exits Trial on Omu Rail Line

presidential iron omu rail system trial surusune output
presidential iron omu rail system trial surusune output

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir participated in the test drive of 3 's Phase OMÜ Campus Rail System Line and said Mustafa It will be better for the people of Samsun. Samsun

Mayor of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Demir participated in a test drive at the 3 Second Stage OMÜ Campus Rail System Line, which was extended to Ondokuzmayıs University (OMU) Faculty of Medicine Hospital and other faculties and colleges. President Demir, who made a statement to the reporters on the successful test drive, said, sürüş Let Samsun be better for Samsunlular. I would like to thank everyone who contributed, E he said.

A tram test was carried out at the OMU Campus Rail System Line, which was completed by the Metropolitan Municipality. Mustafa Demir, Mayor of OMU, the Rector of OMU. Dr. Sait Bilgiç, SAMULAŞ General Manager Anwar Sadat Tamgacı, Metroray General Manager Cengiz Atalar, SAMULAŞ employees and press members attended.

Vatman sitting in the seat of Mayor Mustafa Demir, received information from the authorities about the work that came to the final stage. Rector of OMU Dr. After the inter-campus journey by Sait Bilgiç, President Mustafa Demir congratulated the Metroray employees. Mayor Demir then went to the hospital station and completed the construction of the tube walkways and escalators.

SAMULAŞ General Manager Anwar Sadat Tamgacı, informing the new line, said, Sed We have a tender to be held in May at 31, which is related to the introduction of the university line to the service of our people. We have worked with all our team members to see how we can solve this work without waiting for the conclusion of the tender. Hopefully, we plan to bring the line to Samsun without buying a new vehicle. We will announce our announcements later in the future. Hopefully we will put the line into service as soon as possible. Good luck for our university and our city. Ünivers

Expressing that the line will be put into service as soon as possible, Mayor Mustafa Demir, made the following statement:
Ği We prioritize efficiency by better evaluating existing capacity and facilities. As a result of the efforts of our general manager and our colleagues, we will be presenting the line to the service of the university. In fact, we are planning to consider the exact number of passengers in addition to the passenger capacity. This will be a serious addition to the carrying capacity and will make a serious contribution to the efficient use of the rail system. I think one of the campuses that make the biggest contribution in Turkey's rail system in the university will be Omi Campus. Our patients, lecturers, students, patient relatives will be more secure and comfortable transportation thanks to this line. In addition, the traffic of the Atatürk Boulevard will be seriously relieved. Therefore, we would like to thank all those who contributed to the completion of this line, which was started to be invested before us. Biz

Rector of OMU Dr. Sait Bilgiç said in a statement, “I think this opportunity is important for Samsun. OMÜ has gained a prominent position in terms of privileged transportation. We would like to thank our government, the reasoners and the managers who will operate. Işlet

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