Removing 'Obstacles' in Transportation

Removing Obstacles
Removing Obstacles

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, the Ministry for the production of many projects for people with disabilities, said: "We have done more serious work in their daily life and will continue to do." He said.

Turhan, the ministry's work to facilitate the lives of people with disabilities told.

Turhan stated that they had platforms, ramps, special toll booths and handicapped help points for the disabled and the station buildings to be made suitable for disabled people.

Turhan, the hearing impaired with a smartphone or camera computer is TCDD Transport Inc. from the link through the Call Center said they can receive service through.

The passenger with a disability rate of% 40 and above can only travel free of charge with the heavy handicapped passenger himself and his companion with a disability rate of 50 and above. Turhan said that last year the 1,1 million disabled passengers were traveling on YHT and mainline regional trains.

Turhan gave information about the yürütül Barrier-Free Airport Project ini in aviation and the “Unobstructed Seas Project ler.

”PTTMats are suitable for visually impaired people ell

PTT Inc. offered to the service of customers of PttMatiklerin keyboards for the use of visually impaired people pointing to the Turhan, PttMatikler a portion of the deposit, withdrawal and receipt of units for the use of visually impaired people with the Braille alphabet was written in the name of the unit.

In addition, the 2016 PttMatikt 900 taken in accordance with the use of some of the orthopedic disabled people expressed that the Turhan, said:

I In addition to this, we started to work on the addition of additional keyboard suitable for visually impaired ATMs. Some of these were completed. PttMatiklerde, according to the regulations in accordance with the regulations of the ATM screen with the introduction of visually impaired people in order to make the voice operation was completed. We proceeded to disseminate this work. The work is planned to be completed by the end of this year. Bu

Te Barriers will be lifted in e-government “

Turhan reminded that the number of services provided in the e-Government Gate exceeding 42 million is increasing day by day. Laş As the type of service related to the e-Government becomes so widespread, all services can be taken from there, the non-information literacy or the disabled citizens have been able to We aim to provide an electronic environment. elektronik

Turhan stated that the e-Government Gate was designed in accordance with the access standards for easy use by all members of the society and that all pages and interactive contents were created by considering disabled users.

Turhan stressed that various institutions, including the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, have integrated services into the e-Government Gate for the services and activities of disabled citizens. Turhan stated that disabled citizens are not required to go to institutions.

Turhan pointed out that the access to important services for electricity, natural gas and telecommunication related subscription transactions through e-Government has facilitated the access of disabled citizens to services.- He had the opportunity to interview as video. görünt

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