New Era in Traffic officially started! Crossing the Bridge

new period of traffic has begun officially banned
new period of traffic has begun officially banned

The Ministry of Transportation's 'step towards creating low emission zones in traffic' has excited the sector. Explaining the process with the sentence en Nothing in the traffic will be the same as before acak, the experts explained what they were wondering about the practice.

After the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles for Increasing Energy Efficiency in the Official Gazette and its entry into force, a new period officially started which would directly affect millions of citizens.


According to those who follow the process closely, nothing will be the same as before. Assessing the regions in Istanbul, which can be declared as 'low emission areas', the experts believe that the bridges can vary depending on the emission values.


According to the regulation published in the Official Gazette, the entry of vehicles to the designated places may be restricted, prohibited or charged.

Turkey Electro-Mobility Association Secretary General Haluk Sayar, this step in the traffic Ministry at now nothing that a period of the first step was made to be the same attention, said changes in both metropolitan municipalities as well as that load very important responsibilities to the relevant ministries.

Sayar underlined the need for many technical studies to be taken in order to take the measures mentioned in the regulation and also underlined that many sub-regulations and communiqués should be prepared.

Dı Restrictions on internal combustion vehicles have been opened in the regulation in areas specified as low emission areas. It is important that this application, which was previously announced to the public by the 'diesel ban', should be implemented immediately in all of our metropolitan cities, especially in Istanbul. D


Edi The system will classify these tools according to what ı said Sayar.

"Turkish Thoracic Society, with hundreds of data points taken from the limits set by the World Health Organization air pollution Turkey pulled out the map and the measure constantly. In Istanbul, heavy traffic arteries are monitored instantly with IMM traffic density map application. If we overlap these two data, it will be revealed that we need to declare areas of low emissions. Bu


Sayar said, ğ Areas near E5 and TEM are areas with the highest traffic and air pollution. Although it is difficult to define this wide area as a low emission area and to ban the traffic at a time, this should be done in the medium-long term, Bir he continued.

“In the beginning, on the European side, Old (Suriçi) Istanbul, Taksim, Nişantaşı, Mecidiyeköy, Levent, 4 Levent lines will come to the fore. On the Anatolian side Kadıköy A low emission area can be declared between the center and Bağdat Avenue, Bostancı. In addition, regional low emission areas can be created in certain centers such as Bakırköy and Üsküdar. Vehicles with the highest emission amount are prevented from entering, and less emission vehicles and ultimately only electric vehicles are entered, and a gradual transition can be achieved over time. ” (Yeni Şafak)

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