Metro Istanbul European Tram Drivers Championship!

metro istanbul european tram drivers championship
metro istanbul european tram drivers championship

📩 09/05/2019 15:53

Metro Istanbul is the 8 of 25 in 11. ranked.

The first one in 2012 is the 140 of the trams of the city of Dresden in Germany. In the organization organized within the scope of the year events; It is aimed to meet with the participation of tram operators of various cities of Europe in the sector and to establish and strengthen link between cultures and enterprises. 150. 21 was held in Brussels, Belgium, and 25 from the XNUMX city took part.

With the nostalgic tram vehicle and the closest stance to the target, the modern tram vehicles with gabari control in the curb zone, matching the passenger door to the stopping point, emergency braking and stopping the tram and bowling with the race, male and female drivers competed separately in the competition, with total scoring determined cities. The winner of this year's competition was Brussels, the second from Russia and the third from Oradea from Romania. The team consisting of train drivers Şehnaz Güneş and Özcan Öztekin, who are participating in the contest representing Metro İstanbul, are the 11. ranked.

Next year the organization will be held in Oradea, Romania.

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