Maximum Performance in Target Transportation at SAMULAŞ!

Maximum Performance in Target at SAMULAS
Maximum Performance in Target at SAMULAS

SAMULAŞ in Samsun, continues to meet the 'requests to solve the problems' meeting with the producer companies in order to meet the demands of the citizens and to provide better service

Bus in Turkey, BMC officials of the few organizations that engaged in production of trucks and engines, SAMULAŞ met at a meeting with the manager. In the meeting, performance evaluations of BMC buses used in public transportation in Samsun were also performed.

SAMULAŞ General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı, Assistant General Manager Ziya Kalafat, Bus Maintenance Former Recep Kadir Sivri, Bus Garage Chief Sinan Etli, Authorized Services Group Leader Fatih Ugey, Commercial Vehicle Integration Engineer Serkan Demir, Regional Spare Parts Manager Emre Uzun Samsun Regional Sales Manager Mustafa Altun, Samsun Regional Service Specialist Halil İbrahim Atamer and Samsun Service Owner Tahir Erbilgin attended.

'WORKING GROUP' was installed

During the meeting, the process of evaluating the 70 BMC bus, which is used in public transportation within the city by SAMULAŞ, was taken by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. In the meeting where the problems and vehicle performances occurred in the vehicles were examined, a solution-oriented 'Working Group' consisting of Samulaş and BMC technical teams was formed.


SAMULAŞ General Manager Anwar Sadat Tamgacı, who made a short evaluation about the meeting, said, Müdür We ensure that the buses used for public transportation services to Samsun people serve with maximum performance. The main goal of all of our planning and meetings is to provide a comfortable and modern public transportation service to Samsun residents. Tüm

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