Domestic and National Technology Era Starts on Rails

local and national technology starts on tracks
local and national technology starts on tracks

broken or landslides will occur in developed and rail in Turkey, floods and blocked situations that may occur due to excessive snowfall predetermined by international patents, which was signed at the beginning of a new era of technology,

Haluk Gökmen, the owner of Enekom, whose foundations were laid in 2010 in techno city of Middle East Technical University, said: inde We serve as engineering company. Our priority area is the RailAccess Rail Detection System (RailAcoustic) which is a railway / road signaling and communication system. We are working closely with universities. Our engineers are usually experts in the field of electrical-electronics, software and machinery. Our work continues in coordination with TCDD. Ediy


The owner of the company, Haluk Gökmen, said:. We developed a detector system that senses both the central and the signaling system early on before the train arrives. .


Haluk Gökmen said, eden Our detectors placed on one rails every 2 are able to detect the problem and stop the train before the train can reach the region and prevent a possible accident. Fog was completely developed in Turkey, local and national projects. It is an internationally patented project. Uluslararası (Source: I

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