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importance of project generation and road transport infrastructure turkiyenin revealed
importance of project generation and road transport infrastructure turkiyenin revealed

Belt and Road Project: Turhan participated in the International Transport Forum (ITF) in Leipzig, Germany and answered questions on the agenda. Turhan, Turkey, the ITF is set up operations in the transport sector is a member of it since, and attaches great importance to the meeting, he said. Reminding that this year's topic of the forum is the establishment of transportation routes, Turhan said that he made important contacts within the scope of the forum and that he made speeches on transportation, digitalization and energy conversion.

Turhan, said:

Eler In our country, in the last 15 year, we have implemented very important projects in the field of transportation. We explained these, followed by interest by everyone. I participated as a keynote speaker in Generations and Roads. I talked about transportation investments in our country. We are one of the countries that brings the transportation infrastructure to the highest level within the scope of the Belt and Road project in the countries around us. We are one of the most advanced countries on the Black Sea Environment Road. We emphasized that the completion of this path will have a major contribution to all countries and third countries. The work we do in our country regarding smart transportation requests is noteworthy, it is important. We shared these works with other countries. Bu

Ediy Negotiations with China continue “

The generation and road projects with Asia in increasing growth of world trade in Europe, Turkey, Turhan said that reveal the importance of transport infrastructure, "a moment before completion of China with G20 Antalya meeting of the generation and road projects of railway infrastructure and we signed a memorandum of understanding related to the development. Our limits are within a thousand 380 kilometers. We've completed the 500 kilometer. We continue our work at approximately 600 kilometers. 2, which we plan to do in the country, has a thousand kilometers of railway lines. An attempt has been made to ensure the financing and mutual cooperation with China regarding the realization of these and the process is continuing. Bunlar

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