Kükürtlü Street Sil

Kukurtlu Caddesi Sil Bastan
Kukurtlu Caddesi Sil Bastan

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has renewed the 3350-meter section of the road at Kükürtlü Street, which has been renewed from the beginning by the Metropolitan Municipality, while the remaining 400-meter section is planned to be finished after the holiday.

Bursa's most basic problem, as well as smart solutions for road transport and road widening efforts to produce solutions to the root, as well as to increase the quality of public transport vehicles, the Metropolitan Municipality on the other hand makes the existing urban roads healthier. Within the scope of the studies carried out under the coordination of the Department of Transportation, the double-sided 3750 meter-long Kükürtlü Street is being renovated. The two-way operation of Zübeyde Hanım Maternity Hospital and Kültürpark direction was completed and the hot asphalt pavement of the 3350-meter section of the road was completed. The rest of the 400-meter section is planned to be completed by the end of the holiday.



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