Bridge Passes Passed from Amnesty Parliament

to pass the penalty fines
to pass the penalty fines

The parliament passed the parliament's bill in which the AKP presented the Parliament before the elections to be held in June in Istanbul.

AKP's 23 to be re-made in June, before the elections of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the 15 July Martyrs' Bridge, the administrative fines imposed on those who pass the illegal fines to the collection of the cut, applied to scrap vehicles 10 thousand pounds 15 thousand pounds deducted from the bag offer offer Was adopted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

The upper limit of the excise duty of SCT accrued in the first acquisition of a new vehicle of the same type due to the export or scrapping of vehicles, trucks, trucks, minibuses, buses, lorries, trucks, tow trucks of 16 age and above will be deducted from 10 thousand liras to 15 thousand liras .

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