Bridge Punishment Reduced Scrap Reduction


The AK Party, the bridge transitional penalties and scrap vehicles applied to the reduction of the SCT reduction from 10 thousand pounds to 15 thousand pounds, including raising the new bag law proposal submitted to the Presidency of the Assembly. One of the important items in the proposal is the forgiveness of the fines for the vehicles that are forbidden to pass through the 15 July Martyrs' Bridge.

Collected bridge fines will be returned

1 After January 2019 15 will be abandoned after the collection of administrative fines imposed on XNUMX July Martyrs' Bridge. The fines collected under these penalties shall be returned or rejected at the following third month if the application is made by the end of the second month after the law enters into force.

SCT deduction 15 thousand pounds to be removed

Another important arrangement is the scrap vehicle. 16 10 will be available for 15 for the purchase of new vehicles due to the scrapping of vehicles such as 10 and older cars, closed boxes, buses, minibuses, trucks, vans and trucks. While the figure in question was determined as the upper limit, XNUMX was already implemented as thousand lira.



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