Kayseri Metropolitan Council Discusses 65 Free Public Transport Cards

kayseri buyuksehir meclisi yas ustu free public transportation cards
kayseri buyuksehir meclisi yas ustu free public transportation cards

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality met to discuss the decisions on the agenda. At the meeting held by the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Memduh Büyükkılıç, all of the 49 items on the agenda were accepted unanimously.

May May meeting of Metropolitan Municipality Council Mayor. Memduh Büyükkılıç presided over. During the meeting, the 49 article was discussed and resolved. The status of our citizens over the age of 65, who benefited from public transportation free of charge, was also discussed at the meeting. Ferhat Bingol, Head of Transportation, Planning and Rail System Department made a statement on the subject, said that 65 over age cards constitute the 12 of the public transportation system. 65 free 94 over the age of our citizens who have a free card 60 6 a day of public transport to take advantage of the voicing Bingöl, 70 the abuse, the use of different people and the card that the month of the 65 thousand TL damage to the municipality, he said. In line with the explanations, the proposal of limiting the 100 age cards to the monthly XNUMX boarding was discussed in order to prevent the improper use and to sustain the management. The proposal was unanimously approved by all councilors.

The meeting also focused on the provision of services to the neighborhoods where public transport cannot be taken, and the provision of transportation by the municipality. President Memduh Büyükkılıç, “This issue brings burden to our municipality; but we should offer this service to every citizen with the understanding that the place that is not reachable is not ours. ancak Following the statements of President Büyükkılıç, the article was adopted unanimously.

The request for donation for the Old Living Center, which was requested by Mustafa Kumlu, his wife, Sevim Kumlu, his wife, Sevim Kumlu, and his family, was settled and discussed in the Assembly meeting. 49 on the agenda of the Metropolitan City Council unanimously accepted the entire article.

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