Kandıra Roads Ready for Summer Season

kandira roads ready for summer season
kandira roads ready for summer season

📩 28/05/2019 11:20

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality makes the transportation network throughout the city more efficient with new projects and does not neglect the maintenance and repair of roads. Within this scope, the roads in Kefken, Karpathos and Kumcağız towns of Kandıra were revised, especially in the summer. Vehicle circulation, natural gas, water and infrastructure works due to the deterioration of the roads, maintenance and repairs, and parquet floor manufacturing was made ready for the summer season.

61 THOUSAND BRACELET PARQUET has been turned to the roads in KEFKEN
Within the scope of the maintenance and repair works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, a total of 40 thousand square meters of parquet flooring was made in the 12 bin in the center of Kefken Neighborhood, 9 bin in the Mithatpaşa District and 61 thousand square meters in the Kovanağzı Site. In addition, 13 bin 600 meter curb and 9 bin 950 meter rain gutters were manufactured in these three places.

In the studies in the Kumcağız Quarter, the 11 thousand square meters of parquet, 6 bin 200 meter Border and 5 bin 900 meters were made of rain gutter. Production of 2 thousand 600 square parquet, 950 meter border and 700 meter rain gutter were realized in Karpathos. In addition, 22 km V channel production has been realized in various villages of Kandıra district.

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