YHT Warning from Ombudsman's Office to TCDD

tcddye yht warning from public auditor institution
tcddye yht warning from public auditor institution

A citizen, who applied to the Ombudsman's Office, asked for a safety belt on the trains.

The Ombudsman rejected the application for a safety belt and advised TCDD on security. In the decision, the summary said: u The basic element in the safe way of people and cargo movements under the conditions of the railways, taking the necessary measures to prevent an accident, this situation is not much benefit, especially at high speeds, which is much more important than the application of safety belts, railway cars and lines In fact, it is stated that equipping it with security, signaling and control systems will reduce the accident rate to almost zero levels, so there will be no need to discuss the applications with high risks in addition to the return for passenger safety. ı (Hürriyet)



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