Kadıköy Ecology Challenges in Aegean and Marmara Region were Discussed at the Environment Festival

kadikoy cevre festival in the Aegean and marmara ecological struggles were discussed
kadikoy cevre festival in the Aegean and marmara ecological struggles were discussed

Kadıköy Municipality organizes every year with the slogan 'Give effort to nature' Kadıköy The Environment Festival was celebrated this year on May 24-26, in the Selamiçeşme Freedom Park with the theme 'Toprak'.

Approximately 60 democratic mass organizations, non-governmental organizations, platforms and initiatives combating for the environment come together Kadıköy Many events, suitable for all age groups, were held at the Environment Festival from conversation to workshop, from competition to concert.


The theme of the festival, which was based on the topics of “pollution and biodiversity in the Marmara Sea” and “Ecological Life in the City”, was determined as “Soil” in the past years. Emphasizing the need to take measures and protect environmental awareness from the basic sources of life. Kadıköy Mayor Şerdil Dara Odabaşı said, “We have a responsibility to leave a world to the next generations. Toprak is also one of our most important heritages. Technology should be one of our main objectives to protect our natural resources while the industry is developing. We must develop with nature, not fighting with nature. The healthy progress of life on earth depends on this. ” Istanbulites Kadıköy Inviting the Environment Festival, Odabaşı said, “We Kadıköy As the municipality, we will talk more environmentally, produce more environmental projects, and realize projects that will create awareness for the environment. We will talk about nature to protect the ecological balance, we will talk about leaving less and harmless waste to nature, we will talk about preserving biodiversity, acting in accordance with nature, and renewable energy sources. ” said.


During the 3 day-long event, experts and non-governmental organizations presented their solutions and solutions for environmental issues. The festival was opened with the concert of the Bandistanbul Rhythm and Band group and the children's dance performances. The panel of experts in the field focused on environmental issues.

Within the scope of the festival, “Saturday Kadıköyin "We Protect the Historic Meadows" Kadıköy Gülsün Gökalp, Archaeologist Gülbahar Baran Çelik, Architect Arif Atılgan, City Planner Nilgün Canatar and Ahmet Kıvanç Kutluca from the City Council KadıköyHe talked about the meadows that have an important place in the history of. Can Tonbil from Açık Radyo, writer Rüya Aygüneş, students Atlas Sarrafoğlu and Deniz Cevikus answered the question "Why are we participating in the Climate Strike".

Kadıköy One of the important session on Environment Festival "Agricultural Policies in Turkey" was. Cheese expert and activist Ilhan Koçull, CHP PM Member, Agricultural Engineer Richard Morningstar, Farmers Confederation of Trade Unions (Çiftçi-Sen) Founding President Abdullah Aysen and the Chamber of Agricultural Engineers Istanbul Branch President Ahmet Atalik with the participation of actual panel at the point where agriculture in Turkey laid on the table.

'From the Aegean to Marmara Ecology Struggle' panel in Izmir Ahmet Soysal, Ozer Akdemir from the Aegean Environment and Culture Platform (EGEÇEP), Pınar Bilir, Çanakkale City Council Environment Assembly President, Selçuk Koçum from the Northern Forests Defense (KOS), activist Cemil Aksu and lawyer Ali Arif Cangı took the floor. The "Founder of Healthy Living" in the Panel "Not Concrete for Living," Nurçin Çağlar, Okan Çağlar, Physiology expert. Dr. Dr. Nazan Uysal Harzadin, Cardiology specialist Zülfikar Danaoğlu, Cardiologist Dr. Baybars Türel, Specialist in Child Diseases Hande Namal Türkyılmaz, Ophthalmologist Prof. Dr. Sultan Kaya Ünsal, Specialist in Micro Surgery Dr. Hüsrev Purisa, Phytotherapy specialist Dr. Bekir Uğur Yavuzcan (Phytotherapy), Neurology Specialist Dr. Banu Tasci Fresco, and Internal Medicine specialist. Aytaç Montenegro on the topic of healthy life on the table.


Bicycle transportation was one of the most important topics of the Environment Festival. KadıköyCarries out studies to promote bicycle culture and offer an alternative life to vehicle traffic in Turkey. Kadıköy Municipality emphasized cycling in the events it organized at the festival. In this context, the Beach Cycling Team was transferred to activities such as 'Bicycle in Traffic, Right Lane Legal Rights', the Second Spring Bicycle Experience, Women With Bikes Initiative, and Pedal Friend, to encourage bicycle use by individuals over the age of 40.


Artists and writers also shared their experiences at the environmental festival. Writer Buket Uzuner told 'The Book of Earth'. Issues to question consumption habits such as the effects of plastics on nature and the harm of Palm oil were discussed at the festival. While Istanbul University faculty members Meral Avcı and Ünal Akkemik discussed 'Natural and Cultural Plant Diversity in Istanbul', they held interviews on topics such as veganism and ecological life. Yeryüzü Association cooked 3 days with the 'Cook for Someone Else' event. With the stands set up in the festival area, the participants were aimed to gain experience. Rainwater Harvesting workshop, Vegan Kitchen Workshop, Seed Ball Workshop for Bees, Terrarium making, Zero Waste Workshop, Cloth Bag Workshop, File Bag Workshop, City Gardening, Origami Workshop, Stopmotion Cinema Workshop.


During the festival, children were not forgotten either. Workshops were organized to make healthy snacks with children in order to encourage children to eat healthy and to remove them from industrial food. With the theater named 'My Plate, My Colorful Life', messages were given to children towards nutrition. Children's book writers also organized reading workshops for children. Ezgi Gül Kahraman gave information about the medicinal plants to the children with the 'Vera's Medicinal Flowers' workshop. Tülin Kozikoğlu 'Apple Apple… Tell Me' and Sima Özkan with the workshop 'Zero Waste Book of the Sea'. Among the activities that will attract the attention of the children, there are activities such as My Nature Bag Workshop, You Have a Message from Nature, Workshop with Stories, Seed Ball Workshop, Child Yoga, Kids Philosophy Workshop, Mud Turning Workshop.


Every day of the festival colored another concert. Istanbul Ahenk, Sade Kaave, Tomurcuk Foundation Rhythm Group, Evrim Ateşler, Okeanos Greek Music Ensemble


Kadıköy Municipality called for the festival to come with a flask or mug to prevent the use of disposable plastic and paper materials within the scope of the 'Zero Waste' campaign. Public offices and buffets took place in the area. Kadıköy Tea and coffee were given at a discount to those who came with the mug and thermos in the municipality buffet.

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