Izmit and Kandira Ways Modernize

izmit and kandira are modernizing roads
izmit and kandira are modernizing roads

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, the natural events and due to deformed roads for the maintenance and repair of tenders. 21 has submitted a tender for the ales Road Maintenance and Construction Work Bakım tender for Izmit and Kandira districts. In the tender where the approximate cost of the work is determined as 9 million 505 thousand 198 TL, the lowest bid with 6 million 997 thousand TL and Yalaz Müh. Construction company gave. The highest bid came from Öz Baraklar Construction company with 10 million 782 thousand TL.

Metropolitan Municipality, Izmit and Kandira districts of the construction of the various superstructures, maintenance and repair work has made a tender for. The roads will be renewed in order to make the transportation of citizens more convenient. In this direction, 10 thousand cubic meters of concrete, 7 thousand 500 cubic meters of stone wall, parquet and paving works will be carried out.

Tender offers:
Yalaz Eng. Const. 6 million 997 thousand TL
Egecan Fuel Oil 7 million 278 thousand TL
Fıratoğlu Construction 7 million 344 thousand TL
Özyol Construction Construction 7 million 360 thousand TL
Tekim Construction 7 million 400 thousand TL
Taner Aydiş 7 million 463 thousand TL
Emiroglu Yacht. 7 million 498 thousand TL
Baki Concrete 7 million 530 thousand TL
Uğurkar Construction Construction 7 million 553 thousand TL
Gökbeyaz İnş. 7 million 846 thousand TL
Contact Aytaş directly Const. 7 million 963 thousand TL
Fatih Şanioğlu - Nur İnş. 8 million 197 thousand TL
Arttech Construction 8 million 213 thousand TL
Ruben Yapı 8 million 235 thousand TL
Muğla Finance 8 million 366 thousand TL
Roof Group Construction 8 million 455 thousand TL
SYA Infr. 8 million 657 thousand TL
Emay Architect. 8 million 764 thousand TL
Concentrated Ins. 8 million 995 thousand TL
Akova Infr. 9 million 277 thousand TL
Öz Baraklar Construction 10 million 782 thousand TL

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