Children of Izmir Draw an Immaculate World

izmirli cocuklar was an immaculate world
izmirli cocuklar was an immaculate world

The winners of the competition organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on iyle Wind and Sun, Integrating with Clean Energy iyle organized for the third time this year in order to place clean energy consciousness in children were given awards.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality organized a painting contest titled kal Wind and Sun, Integrating with Clean Energy me to draw attention to the rapidly growing environmental pollution and the danger of extinction faced by natural resources. This year, the third competition was attended by 251. The winners were rewarded with a ceremony held at İzmir Sanat. Difficult to choose from among each other beautiful jury, the first three degrees to be exhibited with the work of the 50 work determined. Cevat Hayta, a student of Türk Telekom Boarding District Middle School, i Energy in the Arms of Nature ş, Hazal Balıkçı, a student of Reşat Nuri Güntekin Secondary School Dr. Dila Uzun from Aziz Sancar Secondary School shared the first three degrees with her works named ”Damlaya Damlaya Enerji Olur Aziz.

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Speaking at the award ceremony, Deputy General Secretary of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Yildiz Devran, the main problems facing the world is the effects of climate change and the rapid depletion of raw materials, stating that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's efforts to create a climate-resistant city summed up. In order to reduce the carbon emissions in the city, the network of the rail system has been expanded, solar power plants have been installed on the roofs of the buildings, and the green areas have been created and the rain water lines have been created. The imagination of our children surprises us. While looking at the pictures, they made us very happy about the environment. We entrust our future to the children who are conscious of the protection of natural resources. How happy we are, their families and teachers who train them. Ne

The first three students in the competition were given a bicycle gift, while the 50 student was given a portable battery charger and various gifts. Olive saplings were distributed to all children participating in the painting competition.

Dokuz Eylul University, Buca Faculty of Education, Fine Arts Education Department, Head of the Department of Painting Education Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tuba Gültekin, Ege University Faculty of Education Department of Fine Arts Education Dr. Prof. Dr. Merih Tekin Bender, art teacher, Gülsün Solgun, Environmental Protection and Control Department Director Hülya Oker, Healthy Cities and Clean Energy Branch Director Özlem Sevinç Gökçen took part.

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