Airplanes Against Istanbul Airport, Pilots Worry

flights to istanbul airport
flights to istanbul airport

Due to the severe downpour in Istanbul yesterday, flights were also affected negatively. Planes to fly to the newly opened Istanbul Airport, had to take a long tour of the air before landing. As it is known, a short time ago, the airplanes did not land at the airport because of the wind and had a long tour in the air. Some airplanes were directed to Corlu Airport. The pilot of the airport, where the plane of the day was hit by a lightning pole

We talked to Bahadir Altan.
CumhuriyetAccording to the news of Kayhan Ayhan; Altan said that there were no unforeseeable incidents, ey 3. As the airport is closer to the Black Sea than the Atatürk Airport, the wind is more. Winter fog and ice will be more than Atatürk. Is this done appropriately? Is there any infrastructure investment in place? No. We were in a hurry to invest in the selection without the infrastructure being made Alty.

6 runway airport but UM
Altan said, yer We didn't hear the plane that hit the pole in Atatürk,. Alt Because the ground radar was not ready, this accident happened because there were no signs on the ground. Even if the airport is so tight, these incidents cannot be experienced. In such an airport with 6 runways, if there are such waiting and accidents, they can be bigger in worse weather conditions. We are waiting. Turkish Airlines is also waiting for the new trainings for the pilots. TH


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