Interesting surprise for passengers traveling in Izmir Metro

passengers traveling in izmir subway
passengers traveling in izmir subway

Passengers traveling in Izmir Metro encountered an interesting surprise. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality İZELMAN Preschool students gave their presents to metro passengers and presented them to adults.

Kindergarten students presented their own books to the ları elders Ana. The event was organized with the aim of raising public awareness about the habit of reading books, and six age group students attended the event. The children read the books they prepared with the theme of ğan Atatürk's love onlara, yol the importance of the family metro, ıyla the lives of the disabled in the society sev and the “love of animals“ to the passengers traveling in the subway and then presented them to the students. The students also distributed their own colored booklets to the passengers in the subway.

The passengers of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, IZELMAN kindergartens expressed their gratitude to the teachers and students.

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