All Public Transport Vehicles Connected to IMM Free

all public transport vehicles
all public transport vehicles

📩 31/05/2019 13:23

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, has completed preparations for Ramadan Feast. According to this, all the public transportation vehicles connected to IMM will carry Istanbul free during the holiday. On the first 3 day of the festival, all the roadside parking lots belonging to İBB subsidiary İSPARK will provide free service. 4 library 7 / 24 will be open during the holidays. All units of IMM will be vigilant in order to prevent any possible negativity.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality completed the preparations for 9 daily Ramadan Day with all units. Necessary measures have been taken for Istanbul residents to spend a comfortable, peaceful and safe holiday.

During Ramadan; IETT, Private Public Buses, Bus Inc., Metrobus, City Lines Ferries, subway, light metro, tram, funicular, cable car, nostalgic tram and tunnel will be free. IETT during the festival; 4 bin 524 vehicle, 42 bin will serve with 062 voyage. Additional flights will be made according to the density. Metro Istanbul will increase the number of metro services.

İSKİ; pre-holiday measures in the framework of measures taken will not make water. Water will be supplied at full capacity throughout the city. The teams were assigned to guard the possibility of any water malfunction or blockage.
DCC; Despite the extraordinary developments, all units connected to IMM will be coordinated quickly and 24 will be on watch.
IGDAS; took all measures to prevent natural gas interruption in the city. The teams were assigned to prevent any possible negativity.

Istanbul Police Department; you will be on the field with the average 500 staff every day. 295 will work on the basis of the vehicle with 7 / 24.
Istanbul Fire Department and IMM Health units will continue to provide uninterrupted services for Istanbul residents to have a comfortable and peaceful holiday.

ISPARK; 1, 2. and 3. all over the road parking in Istanbul free service will provide.
Tree and Landscaping Co.; All products will be applied on 15 discount. 1. and 2. The day will be opened in Karacaahmet and Zincirlikuyu.

İBB Public Relations Directorate teams will organize Quran recitation in the spirit of our saint martyrs at the Edirnekapı Martyrdom on the 1st day of Arefe and the holiday. They will be feasted with their relatives and accompanied by them. On the 1st and 2nd day of the holiday, they will visit the hospitals and celebrate with patients, accompanyers, doctors and hospital staff. Istanbul residents who will be out of the city for the feast will be presented with gifts between the dates of 31 May - 3 June at the Martyrs Bus Station, Harem Bus Station, Alibeyköy Pocket Bus Station, Samandıra Bus Station, Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Shopping center employees will be visited on the 15nd day of the holiday and the residents of the Hospice on the 2rd day. My neighbor White Table teams will visit the homes of Istanbul residents for a surprise holiday. The White Trip organization will be held on the third day of the holiday. ALO 3 will continue its call center duty 3/153, on-site solution teams will serve on the field and distribute chocolate, toys, coffee and trays. White Table Communication Points will serve citizens, local and foreign tourists by working during the holiday holidays.

The museums of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which are visited with interest by all local and foreign tourists, will be open throughout the festival.
Basilica Cistern: 09:00 - 18:30 (Opening the First Day of the Day, 13:00)
Goodwill Cistern: 09: 00 19: 00 (First Day of Feast Opening 13: 00)
Panorama 1453 History Museum: First Day of Feast 12: 00-18: 00 Other Days 10: 00-18: 00
Türk Dünyası Kültür Mahallesi: First Day of the Day Closed Other Holiday Days 10: 00-17: 00
Miniatürk: Every Day Along the Day 09.00-19.00 will be Open Between Hours.

365 library, where Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has never been closed on the 4 day of the year and served to all Istanbul residents, will be open during the Ramadan Feast. According to this;
• Atatürk Library - Taksim
• Ahmet Kabaklı Library - Fatih
• Rasim Özdenören Library - Başakşehir
• Muallim Cevdet Library - Kartal
7 / 24 will serve in Ramadan.

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