IMM's Ramadan Special Lines Are In High Demand

ibbnin ramazan special lines
ibbnin ramazan special lines

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the Ramadan month-specific implementation of the bus service is very demanding citizens. In addition to the holy places, Istanbulites can easily reach the IMM's Maltepe, Yenikapı, Sultanahmet activity areas with special bus services.

The annual implementation of the Ramazan line organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality continues this year. Special lines that IETT has implemented in order to provide easy and convenient transportation to Istanbul residents in the month of Ramadan are in high demand by citizens.

Citizens can easily access the holy places and IMM activity areas with R2, R3, R5, R6 and R7 lines.

• Eyüp-Beyazıt (R3) line, which is special to Ramadan, provides 3 days 7 hours by 24 bus on business days and weekend.
<br>• CevizliThe R2 line serving between Bağ-Yenikapı Marmaray, between 18.30 and 01.45 hours,
• The R5 line between Yenikapı Marmaray-Yenikapı activity area is between 17.00 and 00.45 hours,
• The R6 line, which runs between Tepeüstü and Maltepe Beach, runs between 17.50 and 02.00 hours.
• Üsküdar-Altunizade-Çamlıca Mosque (R7), which provides access to the Büyük Çamlıca Mosque that is flocked to the visitor, serves between the 19.00-02.00 hours.

IMM also provides easy access for Istanbul residents with additional flights organized during Ramadan.
15CA Çamlıca Mosque / Bulgurlu Metro - Göztepe Bridge until 01.30:XNUMX
MK11 Kayabaşı Kiptaş / Kayaşehir - Olimpiyatköy Metro until 01.30:XNUMX
MK12 Güvercintepe - Olimpiyatköy Metro Up to 01.30
MK13 Şahintepe - Olimpiyatköy Metro until 01.30:XNUMX
97 Sunshine - Beyazıt Up to 01.00
99Y Yeşilpınar - to Eminönü 00.30
99A Gaziosmanpaşa - Eminönü Up to 00.10
36CE Cebeci - to Eminönü 00.00
55 Gaziosmanpaşa - Şişli to 23.50
36 ES Esentepe Mahallesi - Beyazit offers additional services up to 01.00.



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