Disclosure on IMM Tools for Authority Vehicles in İETT


📩 21/05/2019 10:57

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, some of the media and social media, IMM and its affiliates ISKI, IETT'da made public statement on claims related to the authority vehicles.

In the statement made by the IMM and its affiliates ISKI, IETT'da about the means of authority; Esinde 643 authority tool for 1717 manager within IMM; There are 48 rental office vehicles in the IETT where the 150 manager is located, and there are 124 people in the administration staff of ISKI, although there are 874 people. All of these allegations are a set of slanders which are put forward to create a public perception with a deliberate distortion.

1- About IMM car rentals;

UM IMM renting 1717 cars u and looking at these numbers ın 8 1 rental car falls in Metropolitan bir üyor üyor üyor üyor düş düş düş düş düş düş kiş kiş kiş kiş kiş kiş kiş kiş ”” ”” ” reign of vehicles.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 5 461 16 7 24 365 24 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX It is the institution that provides service to hundreds of thousands of visitors coming to this city not only from the people living in this province but also from those living in this province.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality;

From ambulance services to fire works,

From the White Table Solution to the funeral services,

control of the work site control and control of the police,

from insecticide to mobile communication points and

It utilizes all the necessary means and means in order to realize these services in many different areas from the domestic and abroad to the transportation of the guests. In this context, unlike the slanders carried out in some media and social media shares, rental cars are used to serve Istanbulites.

In this context, the 643 executive vehicle statement for the 1717 executive within the scope of the IMM, which is included in the report, is unreal. This figure also includes vehicles used for guests coming from Turkey and abroad.

IMM will use all legal rights for news and shares based on this slander.

2- adet Although 124 is an administrator in ISKI, 874 units are allocated. 60 thousand TL rent per vehicle iyor UM claim.

All of the claims in the report are false and slanderous.

Istanbul's drinking water and wastewater services offer 7 / 24 uninterrupted, from Melen to Istrancalara water supply to a wide range of drinking water quality by bringing the quality of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is one of the most important institutions of ISKI.


Currently 30 different branch offices
Construction of the branch office buildings in progress
New drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment plant constructions
Field inspections in different sub-branches
7 / 24 is located in every corner of the city with its engineers - workers - officers and managers in many subject based studies such as basin conservation works.

A total of 6.053 people are employed in ISKI, including workers and civil servants and managers. A vehicle is provided to the relevant personnel and managers in water and wastewater services, which must be a continuous service and cannot be tolerated. The total number of vehicles rented by ISKI is 997. These tools are not used by managers, but to provide drinkable water to Istanbul 365 day 24 hours employees who use the job to perform without disrupting the need.

La The claim that the annual rent of 52 million TL with the vehicles under passenger status is paid üs is completely unfounded.

The tender for all rental vehicles in ISKI was carried out for 2017 - 2019 years.

In the news adet Although the 124 manager in ISKI 874 units of vehicles were allocated. 60 thousand TL rent is paid per vehicle N değil statements are completely slander, the total amount of 733 day time, ie the 2 year of the tender is not the total amount of 52 million, 31 million 9 thousand 565 TL'dir. Therefore, all of the alleged figures in the news are false and slanderous.

İSKİ will use all legal rights for news and shares based on this slander.

3- di The claim that 48 is the vehicle rental office for 150 units in IETT where the manager is located is completely unfounded.

The claim is certainly not true. It is a slander that tries to create an unreal perception as if more than one vehicle is allocated to a person.

The General Directorate of IETT is an outstanding institution providing 6.249 bus, 782 line, 15 garage and 85 platform for 7 day 24 hours to all neighborhoods of Istanbul.

The service vehicle is used for the purpose of ensuring the management, supervision and control of the public transportation service that is spread throughout Istanbul, and it is a clear and clear slander that it serves as a tool of authority.

Some of these vehicles are used in the supervision of public transportation services, some of them due to traffic accidents, malfunctions and damage, and some of them are used in the maintenance and cleaning services of the service areas such as garage, platform and station.

In the report, the alleged bir 48 is the 150 units rental authority vehicle in the IETT where the manager is located yön “is a slander. IETT in Istanbul; The vehicles used for emergency response, garage, platform and stoppages for maintenance and cleaning services due to the inspection of public transportation service, traffic accident, malfunction and damage are considered as a means of authority.

The IETT General Directorate will use all legal rights to report and share information based on slanders.

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