IMM Signed Social Balance Contract

ibb signed a balance of social balance
ibb signed a balance of social balance

Social Balance Agreement (SDS) was signed between Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and BEM-BİR-SEN. At the ceremony held in Yenikapı; IMM Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı, BEM-BİR-SEN President Levent Uslu and executives signed. According to the new contract, which provides great gains to civil servants, a monthly social balance payment of 13 TL will be made to 681 thousand 1 civil servants working in İETT with İBB and its affiliates, İSKİ. In addition, 1.500 TL bonus will be given, including Contract Bonus, Ramadan and Sacrifice Bonuses. On March 1.000, International Women's Day, female employees will be on administrative leave.

De BEM-BİR-SEN Istanbul tar and-Social Balance Agreement Signing Ceremony steri was held at the Eurasia Show and Art Center. Ceremony; AK Party Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Binali Yildirim, IMM Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı, BEM-BİR-SEN Chairman Levent Uslu, ISKI General Manager Fatih Turan, IETT General Manager Ahmet Bagis, IMM managers, thousands of IMM employees and guests attended.

Uslu who made the opening speech of the ceremony following the Iftar, said ar I would like to thank you for joining our Binali beye iftar invitation. The reason for our invitation is; We would like to thank Mr. Binali Yildirim for stopping the embezzlement of our overdue officer in the IMM and stopping the embezzlement of the nursery. I would like to thank all the IMM executives who supported this new contract, which has lost the rights of our civil servants. Here we saw a will that defends the employee's right. However, 'the end of March' spring will be the ones who said many lives turned into winter. Democracy, justice, rights, law hijackers of the Municipality of Bilecik 2 bin 6 dismissed our brother. The mask fell, the facts appeared. We will always support the will of the worker, defending the right to defend. Biz

Sharing the details of the agreement, IMB Secretary General Hayri Baraçlı gave good news to IMM and its affiliate İSKİ and IETT. Baraçlı said, imza Together with our civil servants, our working brothers, IETT and İSKİ employees, we are setting an example for the world. Therefore, our employees' living standards are very important for us. We were seeing our union 13-3 for months. As a result of these interviews, we determined the SDS payments to be monthly 4 TL (gross). With the contract protocol we signed today, we will give 1.500 TL (net) bonuses as UM Contract Bonus X. 1.000'er TL (net)'n Feast Bonus amaz will be paid next Ramadan and Eid al-Adha. The contract will be valid from the 1.000 date of April 1. For this reason, the difference will be calculated and invested in your accounts as extra hesaplan.

YILDIRIM: ED We will solve the problem of the people who live in the municipality YIL
Those who work at the same workplace will not be subjected to different treatment, said the injustice will be eliminated, ecek Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has 84 thousand employees. Many of them went to the contract, some of them subcontracted with the KHK and my prime ministry in a period we passed the staff with the law. However, some of our friends could not benefit from the 30-70 account. I promise you that there will be no such injustice, and the same workplace employees will not be subjected to a different treatment. This will be corrected. Those who pass by this Decree, the difference in inflation was not given, then we told our mayors, we said that this is our friends right, finally a decision has been taken, in that decision will be added to the 635 lira fees, some of them are applied, some are not implemented. I would like to make a call to executive friends and union presidents here. Fix these imbalances as soon as possible and give the right of our employees as soon as possible. Bu

Saying that he will work day and night after the elections, Binali Yıldırım said, “Firefighting is a sacred profession, you disregard your own life to save people's lives, you enter fires without blinking your eyes, but still firefighting is not defined as a profession. We will define the fireman profession as fireman. They also prevented our compensation for wear and tear from being given due to meager reasons. Hopefully, with your support, I will be the mayor of this blessed city on June 23, and I promise to work together for Istanbul day and night. Are you ready too? We know your problems, we know not to leave your problems to grandchildren, ”he said. Yıldırım's "Are you ready for the Istanbul holiday on 23 June between Ramadan and Eid al-Adha?" "We are ready" answered the question with great enthusiasm.

SDS Number of employees:

IMM: 10 bin 463

ISKI: 2 Bin 492

IETT: 726

Total: 13 bin 681 people

According to the contract, except for the SDS, 3 will be given bonuses to the officers;

31 May 2019 Contract bonus: 1.000 TL (net)

Ramadan Feast bonus: 1.000 TL (net)

Feast of Sacrifice: 1.000 TL (net)

According to the expired contract, the personnel received an average of TL 950 per year. With the new contract signed, the average SDS payment was raised to the monthly 1.500 TL (gross).

Social assistance and support in the SDS contract;

IMM, ISKI and IETT General Directorate employees will benefit from discounted sports facilities connected to the Metropolitan Municipality and its affiliates.
IMM, ISKI, IETT General Directorate staff will be applied% 25 discount in City Theater stages.
Women working on 8 March International Women's Day will be counted as 1 (one) day administrative leave.

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