Student Hike for Public Transport in Bursa Has Been Taken Back

scholarship surrogate was withdrawn
scholarship surrogate was withdrawn

After the new arrangement made by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality on May 1, the price increase reflected on the high demands from the citizens will not be applied until the 1 June 16 night time 2019.

In the city of Bursa, the fixed public transport prices, which had been kept constant since 2016, were redefined by the recent UKOME decision. Despite the 55 increase in public transportation costs, the 28 2016 4 has not increased any price increase since the date of the 10. UKOME, 10 April 17 dated meeting, taking into account the high increases in diesel, personnel and maintenance costs in the city has re-determined the prices of public transport in Bursa. According to this, 19 with 2019 TL for students. Type Subscription Card fee 90 TL and 1 TL 100.Tip Student Subscription card fee was also increased to 110 TL.

No raise for the student

In particular, the new public transportation prices began to be applied 1 May as the student ticket prices to reduce the demand for evaluation of the Metropolitan Municipality, postponed the increase in student prices until schools closed. According to this, students will be able to reach 16 June 2019 night time 00.00 with the old tariffs 90 and 110.

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