Gölcük and Karamürsel Roads Maintenance and Repair Works Tender

Golcuk and Karamursel roads maintenance and repair work tender
Golcuk and Karamursel roads maintenance and repair work tender

📩 19/05/2019 14:03

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality carries out maintenance and repair of deteriorated and deformed roads. In this context, the 'Road Maintenance and Repair Work Kar tender was held for Gölcük and Karamürsel districts. 14 3 million 137 is the approximate cost of the company's offer. The lowest bid with the 2 million 188 thousand TL Fıratoğlu Construction firm with the highest bid while the highest bid with 2 million 825 thousand TL came from Nomak Construction company.

Metropolitan Municipality, Gölcük and Karamürsel districts of the various structures of the superstructure, maintenance and repair work has made a tender for. The roads will be renewed in order to make the transportation of citizens more convenient. In this direction, 7 thousand 600 thousand square meters of parquet flooring, stormwater drainage, filling, excavation work will be performed in many different jobs.

Tender offers:

Fıratoğlu Construction

2 million 188 thousand TL

Tekim Construction

2 million 215 thousand TL

Özyol Construction

2 million 251 thousand TL

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2 million 259 thousand TL

Gökbeyaz İnş.

2 million 259 thousand TL

Baki Concrete

2 million 281 thousand TL

SYA Infrastructure

2 million 310 thousand TL

Muhammed Dal

2 million 341 thousand TL

Yalaz Eng. Const.

2 million 342 thousand TL

Arttech Yapı İnş.

2 million 367 thousand TL

Ruben Construction

2 million 413 thousand TL

İlhami Ercan - BNK Group Building

2 million 497 thousand TL

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2 million 666 thousand TL


2 million 825 thousand TL

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