Giant Mole Landed in Underground in Narlidere Metro

Giant Mole Landed In Narlıdere Subway Underground
Giant Mole Landed In Narlıdere Subway Underground

The first of two giant tunnel boring machines called TBM, which will accelerate the excavation works in the Narlıdere Metro, which is being constructed by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, has been lowered underground. After the assembly process, the 100 meter length and 450 tons of heavy excavators will even outshine the world's largest passenger aircraft, the Airbus 380.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will accelerate the construction works in Narlıdere Metro, which is prepared to be a new breath to the traffic by facilitating urban transportation, with the 2 Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM). By using TBMs, it will be done by deep tunnel technique and even the traffic infrastructure and social life problems that will occur during the works will be minimized. Modern tunneling machines will also allow for a safer tunnel construction.

450 two tons of giant

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will work in double tube double CPC during the construction of Narlıdere subway. The pieces of TBM, which started to be downloaded by the expert team to the tunnel entrances, will be re-established here and made ready for excavation works.

The 100 meter-long 6.6 meter-size 450's first CPC's cutting head unit was mounted at the Balçova station tunnel entrance. After the Ramadan Feast, the test work is expected to begin with CPCs, an average of 20 meters per day will do excavation.

The increasing importance of TBM in the world due to their advanced tunneling activities is also called as, Underground Tunnel Factory “due to their functions. In the words of the people, these kazı giant mole ades works together with the tunnel excavation and supporting works. With their outstanding power, the TBMs can easily adapt to the hard rock floor conditions with its versatile cutting head.

It's all going underground.

This new subway of Izmir, which starts from Balçova district and ends in Narlıdere district, will pass the entire distance of 7.5 kilometers to the underground. There will be 7 station in Narlıdere Metro. Within the scope of the project, 1 units will be connected to 6 pieces underground station, 4 pieces scissor tunnel, 9 pieces production shaft and 2 pieces storage line.

President Soyer's first visit to the construction site

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç started to work in the first construction site Narlıdere Metro, President Soyer had received detailed information about the project and studies.

Larger than the largest passenger plane

Located in the world with the length of the 100 meter, Izmir's CPCs even surpass the 72-meter airliner Airbus 380 in terms of their size.

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