Ford Trucks Continues to Grow with Europe in Serbia

ford trucks continue to grow in europe
ford trucks continue to grow in europe

Ford Otosan's heavy commercial vehicle brand Ford Trucks continues to grow and grow in international markets through its dealer structuring abroad. Finally, Ford Trucks took its structuring in Europe a step further with the new 3S plant in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, a thriving business center in Europe.

Ford Otosan's heavy commercial vehicle brand Ford Trucks continues its global growth with investments in Europe. Within the framework of its growth plans in Europe, Ford Trucks has now opened its new plant in Serbia, one of the most important trade and logistics routes of the Balkans, with the cooperation of BC Trucks, one of the leading companies in the region. Ford Trucks will offer its customers sales, service and spare parts services under the same roof. The new 3S concept plant in the capital Belgrade will make an important contribution to the growth plans and operations of Ford Trucks in the European market.

Stating that Serbia is an important trade route for Europe with its strategic geographic location and investments, Ford Trucks Executive Vice President Serhan Turfan said the following:

Uz As Ford Trucks, we continue to grow our dealerships in Europe, Asia and Africa on the 3 continent. We are currently operating in the 36 country, and as of 2020, we are confidently moving towards our goal of being present in the total 51 country. The European market has a very important place in Ford Trucks' global growth plans. Located in one of the region's major locations in Serbia is among Turkey and Western Europe, and in particular making significant investments in many host the context of economic and political integration process with the European Union. Our distributor, BC Trucks, is one of the leading companies in the 10 region in the Serbian market. In the automotive industry 20 is part of Braca Crnomarkovic with over 10 years of experience. In addition to their experience, professionalism and customer-focused approach in heavy commercial, we do not doubt that they will make a significant contribution to our brand in Serbia. We believe that they will carry the Ford Trucks brand to an important place in this market with its spare parts operations and distribution network as well as the quality customer services they offer throughout Serbia. Yedek

The new F-MAX, the 2019 International Truck of the Year, has an important role in our growth plans

Stating that the new F-MAX was the winner of the '2019 International Truck of the Year (ITOY)' award, the new Ford Truck's journey to truck production was summarized by Turfan. Ğ The new F-MAX is a masterpiece of Ford Trucks' accumulation of experience in the 24 truck production journey. We are confident that the new F-MAX will be a new benchmark in the international transport sector. 23 Ford Otosan engineer was involved in 2019's annual design, development and production process in Ford Otosan R & D Center and İnönü factory while many domestic manufacturers contributed to the production process. After the success of our tractor, which was completely developed by Turkish engineers, we received a dealership request from Europe to 60. Then we put forward our plans for the Western European market and started dealership negotiations with priority in Spain, Italy and Portugal. In this sense, our award-winning hammer continues to play an important role worldwide for our sustainable growth. Ödül

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