Work Continues on New Tram Lines in Eskişehir

new tram lines in Eskisehir
new tram lines in Eskisehir

Works on asphalt pavement between the railways and railways in the new tram lines that have been completed by the Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality and the infrastructure works are continuing.

Within the scope of the tram extension lines, the works of the city hospital line, Yaşar Kemal Boulevard, Sivrihisar-1, İsmail Gaspıralı Street, Gazi Yakup Satar Street (Star Line), Nizam Street, Ashap Street and Halman Street were completed.

Gazi Yakup Satar Street, Gaffar Okkan Street, asphalt paving works at the Sıhhiye Junction and the side roads of the Sıhhiye Junction continue as a result of the seasonal conditions, and the works for the construction of the tallet and curb at the edges of the tram line are continuing rapidly.

The authorities thanked all citizens who supported their understanding and tolerant work due to the disturbance given to the environment and asked the drivers to use the alternative routes and to obey the traffic signs and pins.



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