Traffic density will be reduced to minimum level in Elazığ

elazigda will reduce traffic density to minimum
elazigda will reduce traffic density to minimum

The Mayor of Elazığ Şahin Şerifoğulları stated that they prepared very important projects for safe, fast and sustainable transportation and emphasized that with the completion of the projects, the urban traffic problem will be minimized.

Mayor Şahin Şerifoğulları, Director of Science Affairs Salim Turan, Survey and Project Manager Onur Turgut, Transportation Services Manager Cemil Apaydın and the municipal council members conducted some crossroads.

Mayor Şerifoğulları emphasized that they aim to minimize the traffic problem by implementing transportation projects. We hope that the traffic density in these regions will be significantly reduced. Elazığınız Elazığımız city center is stacked. Since the drivers from the east and west use the city center route in general, there is a serious intensity on this route. By analyzing both the safety data and the demands coming from our citizens in the best way, we will implement our planned works on these routes. The projects that we will implement with the aim of safe, fast and sustainable transportation will include transportation of public transportation, bicycles, private vehicles, pedestrians and disabled people. Hopefully, the 5 will enable all citizens to live more peacefully and comfortably by implementing all the projects we promise in transportation within the year. İn

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