Edirne-Çerkezköy The Basis of the High-Speed ​​Line

edirne cerkezkoy is on the basis of the speed train line will be thrown after the feast
edirne cerkezkoy is on the basis of the speed train line will be thrown after the feast

The President of Edirne Province Çerkezköy He said that the basis of the high-speed train line would be thrown after the holidays, and that they would submit to the city council the proposal on reduction in water and transportation fees.

The President of Edirne Province Çerkezköy announced that the basis of the 155 high-speed train line will be thrown after the feast. Akmeşe, water and transportation fees, the reduction of the AK Party Group's proposal to submit to the city council said. Akmeşe, "in Edirne, the CHP and GOOD Party members are waiting for their support by thinking of Edirne," he said.

Chairman of the AK Party Edirne Province İlyas Akmeşe City Council member Feridun Acar held a press conference. Edirne - Çerkezköy announced that the basis of the 155 high-speed train line will be thrown after the feast. Akmeşe, AkHalkalı- Kapıkule High Speed ​​Train Project has been an important development in recent days. If the God bless you cover the 155 kilometers Kapkule - Çerkezköy The basis of the line immediately after the holidays. A very important project. The project not only Edirne, Turkey also connects to European Union countries, starting from Beijing, a project that will last until London. Part of the project using European Union funds. Edirne - Çerkezköy 155 mileage. After the holidays, we begin the foundation of the high speed train line and start after the holiday. We hope that the project that will contribute will be beneficial to Edirne. Pro

Akmeşe, Edirne said that water and transportation are expensive compared to other provinces and said they are preparing a proposal for a discount. Akmeşe, CHP and GOOD Party members of municipal councils asked to contribute by thinking about the people said:

Oldu After this election, transportation and water discounts were achieved in many provinces. Particularly in Istanbul, the people of the Republican People's Party and the Good-Party Council voted 'yes' in the water and transportation discount. We want the same sensitivity to be shown in Edirne, one of the members of parliament with both CHP and GOOD parties. We as the AK Party group to be held in June before the parliamentary meeting will be our proposal to parliament.

1 in drinking water dwellings in 10-3.30 cubic meters in Edirne, 7.25 in commercial establishments 11 in drinking water dwellings in 20 - 3.90, 8.80 in commercial establishments 21 in domes in 40-4.40 cubic meters 10.50 in residential, 40 in commercial establishments 100 in cubic meters, drinking water in 5.30 12.15 100 pounds of drinking water on cubic meters, 13.75 pounds. In addition, the subscriber reading cost in 3 lira money is being received. There was a private company in the past, a wage was paid for hours. But now the staff of the municipality is doing these readings. Our proposal as the AK Party group, 40 percent of the dwellings, a reduction of the number of commercial establishments in the direction of 10.

Transportation in Edirne is also expensive. Edirne is a university city. Now in civil transport 2.54, student 1.81, cash 3Lira. We know ETUS's distress and management weakness. Our student brothers are paying 1.81, get 1.25 penny. We will offer this offer for consideration in June. Bu

“I'm amazed, we are in the beginning of the task“
Regarding his statements on resigning from social media, he said, orum I am surprised, we are on duty, gone, gone. There was a lot of news, and social media. We're upset, we're on duty. How do we get our task with a few friends in writing or say, we have a lot of famous friends, the election time does not appear around, but after the election they want an immediate change and they aspire to the Presidency. Some press members or social media users with the request of the AK Party will not change. Someone asked that he not change the head of provincial. I am in charge of my duty. Day (Sevcan KALIPÇİNDEN ELMACI - the Hudutgazete)

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