Friendship and Peace Rally Zero Point of History

friendship and peace rally
friendship and peace rally

The la Europa-Orient / East-West Friendship and Peace Rally sıfır, one of the world's most renowned automobile rallies, reached its zero point in history.

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, "will be one of Turkey's promotion Göbeklitepe face. Introducing enjoyable, fun organizations when you do with the effect is very large. Tell us about the richness of this land and the culture of tolerance for thousands of years wherever you go. Let us share the history, cultural and intellectual richness of this common human heritage together. Bu

This year, the 14 for the second time, the Europa-Orient / East-West Friendship and Peace Rally included the zero point of history on its route, as 2019 was declared the year of Göbeklitepe. The Göbeklitepe program of the Rally teams was held with the participation of the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy.

Minister Ersoy first visited the rally team in Sanliurfa at the camp site next to 11 April Sports Hall.

Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, said in a statement to the journalists after the visit, said they attach great importance to Göbeklitepe, advertising campaigns for advertising around the world conducted campaigns. A world-renowned organization that Europe-Orient / East-West Friendship and Peace Rally, the Minister stressed that in this sense it is very important Ersoy, Göbeklitepe's not only this year, he said then it would be at the center of Turkey's promotional theme. Minister Ersoy said:

"Obviously this kind of organization raising awareness for the promotion of Turkey in terms of a very large benefit. We do not want Turkey to introduce advertising weighted thereafter. We want to change the perceptions of such organizations and the different lifestyles of different groups. Göbeklitepe is the starting point of history. With this feature, we will make Göbeklitepe focused promotions in the following years. Göbeklitepe will face one of Turkey's promotion. The most important factor in this is the zero point of history. Of course, the presentation of the fun, fun when you do with the organization is very large.

Especially since this year we are now in Turkey sea, sand and sun as we introduce. In addition to the accommodation, we will highlight the gastronomy and emphasize the historical and cultural structures. Gastronomy will be one of the points we will give priority in the introductions. If we want to reach the 70 revenue target of 2023 billion dollars, we must increase our gastronomy revenues. In this context, we will do serious work. Our goal was to give 2023 70 billion dollars in tourism revenue we come to Turkey. "

”Promotion is Effective“

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy pointed out that there were positive returns from the works carried out abroad this year.

"Turkey advertising at some point in the overall weighted promotions are doing, pull the ad completely at some point, we're mainly arts and culture promotion. This year we are doing the most beautiful application in Japan. '2019 Turkish Cultural Year in Japan.' In this context, we deliberately pulled out introductions in Japan and sent the 'Topkapı Exhibition'. We also carry many cultural events there. We get the results slowly. An incredible result came from Japan. This year the Japanese in the list of most callers countries Turkey was the first break it open. We didn't advertise in any way, we entered with our cultural art activities and got an amazing result. That is to say, the Japan example showed very clearly that we identified, predicted, that the introduction of countries with culture and art was a truly effective weapon.

Especially in January, Germany, Russia, England, television, magazines and digital media, we are doing a very intense promotion. Interestingly, I also looked at the April data, with an increase in the number of 24 people. The country with the first increase is Germany with 48, the second is Russia with 34 and the third with 31. These are the countries where we have intensely promoted since January. This means that publicity is effective. D

Ün Tell the Richness of this Land and the Culture of Tolerance “

After a visit to the camp site, one of the rally cars passed the driver's seat and the Minister of Culture and Tourism took a city tour with the athletes and greeted the citizens along the way. After completing the tour in Göbeklitepe Minister Ersoy and ralliciler visited the ruins.

Minister Ersoy then addressed the guests at a ceremony at the Göbeklitepe Amphitheater. The history of humanity's first cult center Expressing satisfaction with the available Göbeklitepe Minister Ersoy, 2019 the "Göbeklitepe Year" After the announcement of Turkey, which has become an international brand, emphasizing that it runs continuously the unique region and structures to promote study, said:

Bir Our efforts to increase Göbeklitepe's recognition for these qualities are not only a tourism activity, but also an archeology, history and sociology study. In fact, we can define this as a broad social responsibility project. Because the information given by this common human heritage, the facts it points to, the better and widely known, the more important the importance of intercultural dialogue will be, and this will be a very important step towards a better world. In order to introduce Göbeklitepe today, we have had the chance to live in a sport that combines a very accurate phenomenon from every culture, from every geography to the common excitement and happiness.

Our guests really came a long way. This journey, which started in Germany, continued in Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Macedonia and Serbia. 15 they entered Turkey from Edirne in May and are now Şanlıurfa'd. Göbeklitepe, the common heritage of humanity, is a common passion of humanity, and it has been very meaningful to have brought together this enormous sporting event, which, in its essence and in the name of friendship, brings together friendship.

Dear guests, our request is to tell you about the richness of this land and the culture of tolerance for thousands of years wherever you go. Let us share the historical, cultural and intellectual richness of this common human heritage together. I would like to thank all the institutions and organizations that contribute to our organization with these feelings and thoughts. Prof. Dr. Göbeklitepe, who emphasized the importance of Göbeklitepe. Dr. I would like to once again express my gratitude to Klaus Schmidt and thank the Doğuş Group, one of the leading companies of our country, for the support it provides to Göbeklitepe. Kla

After the speeches, the Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said isi Europa-Orient / East-West Friendship and Peace Rally Ers to Göbeklitepe.

Istanbul Turkey step of starting the rally car and 11 80 160 Blue athletes from countries attending. The rallyers who set off for Gaziantep will be in 1 in June in TRNC.

Minister Ersoy Sanliurfa found in the investigation

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy visited Harran as part of his visit to Şanlıurfa.

The restoration work continued and the planned completion of the 2020 Harran Grand Mosque Minister Ersoy received information from the authorities at the site, then visited Harran Hayatî Harrani Mosque and Tomb.

Minister Ersoy then came to the city center of the Rizvaniye Mosque and Madrasah, Balikligol and Hz. He toured the cave where Abraham was born.

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