Domestic Cars Will Make Electric 500 Mileage Will Make Road

domestic automobile will make electric mileage will make way
domestic automobile will make electric mileage will make way

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, 2022 scheduled to go on sale in Turkey announced the details of the car. At the end of this year, the prototype of the electric car will emerge expressing the Minister of Industry and Technology Varank, said the 500 is working on a vehicle to capture mileage. Minister Varank, in terms of price as a global vehicle is asked to compete, said: "People are waiting for this car." He said. Varank after the concept of the name of the vehicle began work on the name of the car factory, where it will be about "where you want to make an investment, you prefer the closest place to suppliers." He hinted.

Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group, recently President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a presentation about the domestic electric cars. During the presentation, Varank told reporters about the last stage of the project. Varank, the Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority, together with the press memansuplarla come together in iftar, found the following evaluations:

AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY:(What stage are we in Turkey's Car Project?) We do not see it as just a car project. There is a great transformation and transformation in the world. The automobile industry is one of the fastest-changing sectors of this transformation. Turkey's Car Project as a technology project, we will transform our automotive industry, we see this as a project that will make it competitive with powerful countries. When you look at it, now with electric motors, software, autonomous driving, battery technologies, the automobile industry is going completely different. With this project, we believe that we have this window of opportunity at the right time. We will put our own car as a project to compete completely with its competitors and we will create an ecosystem.

FULL SPEED AHEAD: Of course, we don't do it as a state. Five fathers appeared, the TOBB joined them, they took it. The CEO and their team are really trying to make professional friends, selfless. After actually making it work itself, the project actually started to move forward. This project is progressing within the duration of the workflows they put in them as planned. We will see a prototype at the end of 2019, we will witness together. In 2022, probably in the second half, I hope vehicles will be on sale. Turkey will have seen the cars on our roads.

BRANDING THE BRAND: Of course there is a criticism: Is it so difficult to make this car? Those who are less interested in industry can easily answer this question. We are only trying to uncover a single R & D project, a brand that does not make a car or that friends are not doing it. This brand should be four-quarters, able to hold, sell, and sustain itself. So they do workflows, 15 has made an annual plan. This 15 5 model 3 facelift in the year, they have made their planning. So you can remove a single product, but it must be sold to be a network of dealers, spare parts, suppliers need to have, should have service, marketing should be good. You will be able to export to overseas, compete with those standards, quality and competitors. So this is actually taking so long because they plan all of them professionally. But as I said, they're moving through workflows, so we'll see the prototype at the end of 2019.

CONTINUE WITH THE PRICE IN GLOBAL MARKETS: (Where will the R & D center be?) They want to open the R & D center in a beautiful place. We can declare her soon. We'il open up. (Which segment will it enter?) We don't say the segment of the first model. But the plan in their minds is: All models want to catch a price that will compete in global markets.

CLOSE TO THE SUPPLIER: (Will the factory be located in the industrial zone or the organized industrial zone?) If you want to make an investment, you prefer the closest location to the supplier. So you want to install the ecosystem in the most efficient way. They're negotiating this. We do not disclose information on the subject as a trade secret.

BRAND AND NAME STUDIES STARTED: (Will he reach a range that can compete with the examples in the world?) They're working on a car to catch the 500 mileage. (Is there a study on the name?). In parallel with the prototype work, they also started to work on brand identity and name.

PEOPLE PLACES: (You also can use a hybrid automobile as a means of authority ..) a hybrid passenger vehicles began to be produced for the first time in Turkey. If we Industry Technology minister, we support domestic production, which in Turkey, a vehicle produced in Sakarya. At the same time environmentalist, less burning, 'We ride the message would be.' we said. We're getting nice reactions from everyone. Once the citizen loves, it matters. So people are congratulating.

WAITING THIS CAR: (He will give public order in Turkey's car?) Officer-you had a campaign it's, 'domestic car if we're ordered so far as'. Actually, it seems to be demanding, people are waiting for this car. We'il see it on the market.

DOMESTIC PRODUCTION NATIONAL TECHNOLOGY: (You have a project related to localization, you plan to explain the product close to 300. In which sectors, where will these products be announced?) Our agenda is domestic production and national technology. Localization Product Program is also an important part of this. Our aim is to localize the products that we give high current account deficit. It can be intermediate goods, it can be raw material, there may be some machine equipment. We didn't just look at the import-export figure of a product and add a list. We also looked at the potential of creating our list. You want to localize a product, but if you look at the world trade, 80 is a country that produces a percentage of it, which means there's no chance. Dominant dominant country, you can compete with him to produce a product that is not possible to benefit.

WE WILL START WITH MACHINE SECTOR: We removed our product list by evaluating many factors. With a focus on Middle High and High technology, we have designed a new incentive program to localize the product and product group on 300. Here, if the product needs R & D from there, we have prepared a program by designing the product development, investment, commercialization, all these steps, but by designing the existing incentive mechanisms accordingly. In fact, our work is over, the public has to declare. Of course we have to do with the legislation. We plan to start with the machinery sector. The pilot sector will be the machine, then we will announce the products in other sectors until September, October. We expect both industrialists and manufacturers to contact us and we will be proactive. In the meantime, as an entrepreneurial information system, we are in fact a Ministry holding the X-ray of Turkish industry; who have these capabilities, we are looking for the product we are working with whom we can produce domestic, here we will act proactively.

CEYHAN'DA LAST STREAMING: (Is there a prediction about the current account?) Our current account deficit in five sectors is around 40 billion dollars. Of course we want to meet all of this, but this is a long-running marathon. But there are big sectors that we give a current account deficit, especially in terms of raw materials. In petrochemicals, we have billions of dollars open, we have big projects. The Ceyhan Petrochemical Industry Region will be a very useful project. We are in the final stage of this project. In fact, there are investments in the foundation stage. We want to move forward in the field of petrochemicals, which we gave the current account deficit by the end of the year.

OUR DOOR OPEN: (How much foreign capital company do you expect in product groups?) If a foreigner wants to invest here and come here, 'I'll produce it locally.' Our door is open to him. He can benefit from the same program that investment and make the production. In other words, there are intermediary goods producers who are global capital and who can apply to those companies from domestic producers.

30 WILL BE FINISHED IN DAY: (Will there be products that will take too long, rather than high-tech products?) We don't just look at imports and exports. Is that the meaning of an advanced capability in Turkey, did not produce our industrial infrastructure Could produce this product, we look at all of them. Of course, the basic R & D phase 5 a year to invest in a product does not make sense. There will be a team of program managers, including our affiliates and related institutions. They themselves are already working on these products, and when companies come, they will take it and evaluate it, and they will do so in a short time. For example, we want to end all processes between the target we set ourselves and the result of the 30 day. Our affiliated organizations are in the program. We will include KOSGEB, TÜBİTAK, we are in contact with the Ministry of Trade, maybe we will incorporate their support programs related to exports into this, we will have designed an end-to-end system.

WE WILL BE ANY: (What is the stage of renewing the industrial strategy?) Our Ministry is not only an Ministry of Industry but also the Ministry of Technology. Therefore, we will announce our industry and technology strategy together. And there we are near the end, a beautiful document appeared. Why do we mention industry and technology together? It is no longer possible to think of an industry independent of technology. If you want to be competitive, you have to digitize, transform, and make your industry efficient. You have to do what you have to do in terms of logistics. Therefore, while we present this strategy, we evaluate industry and technology together.

STATE FUNDING ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Entrepreneurship is one of the most important issues of our ministry. Unfortunately, too many dillendirilen entrepreneurship in Turkey, but in practice into an area where the private sector too. 90 percent rate is still funded with state of entrepreneurship in Turkey. We are a member of G-20, the world's largest economy. In such a big economy, it is not acceptable for the private sector to stay away from such entrepreneurship. Here again, we will put forward our strategies for entrepreneurship. we need to pay particular attention in Turkey will put forward our position regarding the disruptive technology. Here we work together with the digital transformation office.

HEM MANAGEMENT HEM ORGANIZATION NEAR TIME: (What is the work of the Space Agency? Who will go to the organization, where will the place?) We established the Space Agency, a workshop for our National Space Program in Gebze. Turkey all stakeholders in the public and private sectors, universities and we've put together a nice prepare a report about it. This is a study that can actually form the core of our National Space Program. We carry out the legislative work related to the organizational structure, but we also continue our activities related to the managerial staff. We do interviews, we want to find the most appropriate name, but we're not a bit hard. he directed the space programs and projects in Turkey, there are very few of our people. We will soon create both its management and its organization. institutions operating in Turkey were continuing their activities about space. One of the most important needs was coordination. As soon as possible, we will have done it with the organizational structure.

NATIONAL SATELLITE: We are currently continuing two important projects in the field of space. TÜRKSAT 6A is our first national communication satellite and İMECE is our underground resolution national imaging satellite. We design these satellites and their subsystems nationally. Being a country that can design and manufacture its own satellite shows our competence in this field. But competition in space is not limited to satellites. Launch technologies, manned space researches ... We will be involved in competition in these areas. We will introduce our long-term road map extensively in our National Space Program.

NOBEL AWARD RESEARCHER IN THE ENVIRONMENT AREA: (Please explain this program to encourage the return to Turkey of the scientists who work abroad. We know, we know, is there a name that will add value to Turkey?) We were first proclaimed we critics' Turkey who to make science come, "he . In fact, we have put together a package that is quite attractive. What is our purpose? There are programs where critical technologies have been developed and we need high-level researchers there. We can run these projects we bring to Turkey? The system has more than a thousand records. The criteria were also very difficult. In other words, the world's first 3 university has the most stringent criteria such as ranking in the most cited articles. We are currently evaluating the 100 application that meets these requirements. Of course they are applying together with one institution, this can be a university, research infrastructure may be, the company may be. There are foreigners around 242 as well as those of Turkish origin. Here is a researcher who has received Nobel Prize in environmental field. 80 from the United States, 86 from the UK, 21 from Germany, 17 from France, 9 from the Netherlands, and 9 from Canada. It made us happy that the applications were beyond our expectations.

517 DOCTORAL STUDENT: We have implemented another innovation in this period. In fact, we have received turns above our expectations. We provide scholarships to students who have a PhD degree in this industry, ie, those who have a doctorate degree required by industry. Then these students are employed in that industrial establishment and 3 are encouraging their employment throughout the year. It was a program that we received a lot of efficiency. The companies have come and thanked them because sometimes they really need to study in detail in terms of R & D and basic doctoral programs. Hopefully with this program, we will train doctorate students at 517, then we will encourage them to work in industry.

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