Pilot Spoke, Appeared… Look What's Not at Istanbul Airport!

do not look at the airport pilot
do not look at the airport pilot

"Istanbul airport in Turkey's first weather radar to be used" a claim was put forward to refute the news.

This technology used in meteorology radar, that is, in developed airports, was not available at Istanbul Airport. At Istanbul Airport, which was promoted as the “biggest airport in the world” by the ruling party, 17 planes could not land on the runway due to the wind and were directed to Çorlu Airport.

Newspaper WallAccording to the report of Özlem Akarsu Çelik, what would be the result if the planes did not land at the military airport in Çorlu and did not have sufficient fuel? A big disaster!

Here's the news

17 airplane at Istanbul Airport, which was introduced as the edi world's largest airport iste by the political power, went on Friday to Friday in May. What would be the result if the planes did not land at the military airport in Corlu and did not have enough fuel? Great disaster!

An What is happening at Istanbul Airport? X We asked the 40 experienced pilot. Experienced pilots who have seen almost all the major airports used in the world for passenger transportation, pointed out that there are other serious risks besides the wind at Istanbul Airport, which has been used since its opening.

Name us Without prejudice to the information given by us like to share the experienced pilots tell us that they based power close to the median of a large mujer was in the "Istanbul Airport, will be used Turkey's first meteorological radar" news was not true. So this technology used in developed airports, Istanbul Airport was not!

Pilot, our news source, Istanbul at the date of the airport's opening, here established that transmission of real-time weather information to the airline from a meteorological tower and reminding us that this is a first in Turkey "Is that news is not true?" I asked I received the following response, "the Istanbul Airport, There is also the Docking System, which is known as an automatic zoom system instead of parking, but it does not work. If the weather radar was set up, we wouldn't understand. Kesinlikle Let's leave the word to the experienced pilot:

ALLAH WAS THROUGH THE PILOTS THAT GET THERE Since the beginning of this work, necessary warnings were made about the wind in this region, but the reports were not taken into consideration. Why is the sea season in Kilyos short? Because of the wind. If you ask who works in civil aviation, the air explodes from there and it spreads from there. For example, ”bad weather has entered from Catalca“ is called. E you've challenged the place where it came in! You know, the hills are shaved, the area is filled. May Allah give patience to the pilots flying there.

NO AIR CONDITION RADAR: There is a radar system that can alert the pilots to the weather, but there is no weather radar at this airport. If you're doing such a big job, do the radar. Even in Sofia, similar to the Ankara of the 1970s, the weather radar. It was declared as if there was a radar, but it could not be established. When the weather breaks down, the approach controllers still can't afford us appropriate avoidance.

PILOT, BUT WITHOUT AIR Our job is to warp the air. We'il go to another port. But if you have such a problem then you will upgrade our reserve square Çorlu, you will do a subway at the bottom, you will never close Ataturk. Çorlu is a tiny military challenge. It may not be there. God forbid, there is nothing that bothers a pilot in the air as long as it doesn't have the fuel. If you take that decision late, you're gonna lose your money.

APPROACH SYSTEMS ARE NOT WORKING PROPERLY: You're saying you're doing better, bigger, but there's not a lot of work to be done professionally. There are approach systems used after landing. They are not working properly. Hurried angles are made wrong. It's a manual docking from below. Especially in bad weather due to the lack of weather radar in the approach pattern.

LEYLEK PERFORMANCE: We didn't see storks at Atatürk Airport. The stork is not like a little bird; May Allah spare you, His engines. I saw it in the last descent, the stork group was turning on the descent line. This is a phenomenon of nature, nature is not the head. If you keep it, nature will be avenged in one place.

ATATURK, LODOSTA WE HAVE THE STREET: There was a runway at Atatürk Airport when we were in Istanbul. It is a runway with a Bosphorus view. There's no runway here. It's supposed to be planned in the future, but when?

WEATHER FORWARDING THE AIRLINE TAXES PERIOD: The passenger wants to take off the plane and leave the plane. Initially, taxi times exceeded 30 minutes. Now 20-25 has come down in minutes, but even this is too much. It also brings extra cost due to fuel consumption. It is not surprising that major airline companies, particularly THY, have suffered a loss due to taxi times.

NO HEATING SYSTEM OF THE RUNS: What I'm wondering is when it snows? The Ataturk Airport was a really good airport, and when it was snowing, the shovels didn't even work there. Once I could go to the plane in two hours, passengers could have come to two hours, we had a four-hour loss. What are we going to do at such a big airport? There should have been a heating system underneath the tracks, but it wasn't done.

If the inconvenient path is not BAYPAS, the WINTER PROBLEMS: What worries me is that there is a slope that I didn't see in any square on the taxi route. It's like a horseshoe. He goes uphill, then goes downhill. When it snows in the winter, the planes are there, God forbid! .. They will probably bypass those slopes, but if such events occur during the summer, we cannot stop thinking about what to do when the winter snows.

THERE WAS SO MUCH EVIDENCE WHEN THE PURPOSE WAS HELD: There is so much evidence that this airport is in a hurry, so you can see what I mean by the roads down to the offices. It was built with a shopping mall logic, but the flight crew didn't plan. The pilots are going to the offices with garbage lifts. We fly all over the world. I want to see the standards there in my own country as an aviator.

SHOPPING PLACES HAVE BEEN MADE: I'm an airman who freaks out. These are the screams of pity. Instead of the square where the AVM was made. We announce to our passengers, or Welcome to the world's largest port liman, but we have to tell them all to correct the mistakes as soon as possible. Very large experts should be called, from the beginning to be detected failures, measures should be taken.


This is how important the pilot is. In fact, all these warnings were made by professional organizations while the airport was still in the project phase. However, none was taken into account by the authorities.

Istanbul Airport for the first time called Istanbul 's lungs were destroyed. The region's wind situation was said to endanger the safety of the flight, but the authorities did not listen to this warning. Risks were made to wetland, and there was no listening list. Airport construction site was flooded while construction was underway, nature's warning was not taken seriously. When the workers were killed in work, we learned that when their friends rebelled, the construction site of ik the world's largest airport cinayet employed workers under inhumane conditions.

Istanbul Airport, where the objections of the relevant professional organizations and non-governmental organizations are ignored, continues to be discussed in all aspects from the project stage until today. And the objections made years ago are justified.

Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) Istanbul Provincial Coordination Board 3. In the December 2014 report of the Airport Working Group, the offices of Environmental Engineers, Surveyors, Geological Engineers and City Planners were signed. Look at the report of the professional organizations in the report, because the wind could not land at the airport 5 predicted how years ago:

Meteorological Evaluation: rüzg Project area is open to winds coming directly from the sea. For the flight the airplane must take the incoming wind from the front, it is dangerous to take it from the side or the rear. In addition, it is known that the Technical Unit of Turkish Aeronautical Association cannot approve the project due to the winds coming from the Black Sea. For these reasons, the data of the meteorological stations used in the report do not reflect the values ​​in the project area.

Conclusion: According to the EIA report, while the meteorological situation is in the middle, it remains unclear whether this airport is suitable or not. In In the light of these findings, the evaluation shows that 3. the airport project will result in the destruction of natural habitats and important water basins. ecological and geological criteria, soil properties, excavation and filling areas, urban science and flight safety are not acceptable.

What is Weather Monitoring Radar?

The Weather Monitoring Radar (WSR), also called the Doppler Weather Radar, is a type of radar used to find precipitation, calculate its movement, and predict the type of precipitation (rain, snow, hail, etc.). Modern air radars are radars that can detect the movement of rain droplets in addition to rainfall density. Both data types can be analyzed to determine the structure of the storms and their potential to cause severe weather.

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