Thousands of 492 Losses in Railway Accidents, No Resignation!

people lost their lives in railway accidents
people lost their lives in railway accidents

Between the years of 2003 and 2018, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure announced that one thousand 492 died in train and railway accidents.

CHP Mersin Deputy Alpay Antmen asked the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of CIMER on the last 16 how many people lost their lives during the train and railway accidents. In the response between the 2003 and 2018 492 a person died in the train and rail accidents between the years said.

Çorlu district of Tekirdağ, after the death of a person died of a train accident in the court after the decision of the people responsible for the prosecution of some of the relatives of the deceased, the lawyers and the law of the antmen stating that Antmen said, bazı During the AKP, 25 2003 and 2018 people between the years 492 died in train accidents . No ministers and officials have resigned and took responsibility in these accidents to date. This led to new accidents and deaths. Bu

Antmen who stated that only the mechanics were punished in the accidents, men General Director of State Railways, criminal sanctions and responsibility were awarded and deputy. Transportation Minister Binali Yildirim, 38 person died after the train accident in Pamukova, criticism should be resigned, 'I'm very comfortable. He said 'I do not use the steering wheel, my brother' and did not take responsibility or any penalty. He was also awarded first the Prime Ministry, then the Parliamentary Presidency. Now the Lightning had lost his candidate again in Istanbul, "he said.

Antmen, TCDD in the management of tarikat, community, and claimed that the rant conception. Alpay Antmen, who said that the resignation mechanism works after the train accidents in the world, gave the following examples:

In the 2008, Hungary's Minister of Transport and General Director of Railways 4 resigned after a train accident.

In 2009, the Croatian Transport Minister 6 resigned after the train crash where the person died.

In 2009, Egyptian Transport Minister 18 resigned after the train crash where the person died.

In 2009, the Minister of Transport of Costa Rica resigned when 5 died when a bridge collapsed.

In 2012, the Egyptian Transport Minister 49 resigned after the student died in the train crash.

In 2016, Iranian Railways General Manager Muhsinpur Seyyid Agayi resigned after the train accident in which 40 died, Ag Managers must take responsibility for the incidents that took place X.

In 2017, the President of the Indian Railway Administration resigned after the train accidents in the north of his country. (Ankara/UNIVERSAL)


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