Environmental and Climate Sensitivity from Kayseri Transportation

climate and climate sensitivity
climate and climate sensitivity

Kayseri Transportation Inc. within Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. is carrying out exemplary studies to leave a clean and livable environment to future generations. Transportation Inc. General Manager Feyzullah Gundogdu, May 15 the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Turkey, he said that due to the climate science-based targets Day 6 company committed to giving someone Transportation Inc. said that.

Kayseri Transportation Inc., a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Municipality. General Manager Feyzullah Gundogdu, Transportation Inc.'s monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions from 2016 years, measured, reported and verified by the independent enterprise applications late, said: Carbon Disclosure Project (Carbon Disclosure Project CDP), including and at that period, Turkey ' expressed that they are the only public transport company participating in the declaration by giving.

Carbon Disclosure Project 2000 years in all worldwide companies, investors and governments to collect information that will allow climate change to take precautions against the threat and Gundogdu expression that starts to share, "the first and only public transport company engaged in CDP reporting in Turkey, Kayseri Transport A.Ş.'s greenhouse gas emission score in 2017 year was alık C- Awareness skor level and certified by CDP. After the energy efficiency studies, environmental projects, efficiency studies and awareness campaigns, this score has been moved to the proj B-Management kamp level at the end of 2018.

Feyzullah Gündoğdu stated that they added science-based objectives to the environmental studies they made and said Gün We decided to take a step further in our studies and set the Science Based Targeting stage. The Science Based Target means that companies will be able to reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that they generate within a certain period of time. We have done our work on this issue with our team and committed to science-based target determination, Biz he said.

Kayseri Transport Inc. Turkey greenhouse gas that is scientifically based, objective commitments to reduce the emissions 6 company to someone and it is the only public transport company in which emphasizes Feyzullah Gundogdu, "objective science-based in the world committed to providing only 6 public transportation company located in and one of them is Kayseri Ulaşım A.Ş. In Turkey, the only transportation company in this regard. We attach great importance to energy efficient processes, energy efficient products and environmentally sensitive projects for the future of our planet. It is known that the ratio of greenhouse gas emissions from transportation worldwide is around 20. The CO2 emission rate in Turkey is% 17. With the improvements we will make, it is our most important goal to reduce the oscillations caused by the Kayseri public transportation system. Some of the important work we have done in this regard, energy efficient driving, optimization and efficiency of public transport lines, waste reduction targets, our fleet with lower emission values, such as the addition of electric vehicles and CNG electric vehicles every year, we can count as a traditional tree planting, etc. Bu

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