CHP Serter, Izmir-Çeşme Motorway Carriage to Parliament

chpli serter izmir cesme
chpli serter izmir cesme

Republican People's Party İzmir deputy Bedri hard, Izmir-Cesme motorway charging their Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament) moved the agenda

Serter asked Mehmet Cahit Turan, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, about questions about injustice. CHP Izmir deputy Bedri Serter'in Urla Mayor Burak Oğuz'a came to the agenda during his visit, and especially in the toll part of the Izmir-Cesme Highway is a matter of inconvenience experienced, he added.

It must be fair

Citizens living in Urla said that they had received complaints from domestic and foreign guests in certain periods. In As a İzmir deputy, Güzelbahçe and Seferihisar were exempted from the freeway payment system. I would like to point out that bringing a fair payment system for settlements is important for the region in every sense. Moreover, considering the existence of İzmir Institute of Technology on the Gülbahçe-Karaburun exit, it should be noted that the tuition fees for students, faculty, students and campus staff are very important for their daily lives.

Progressive payment must

İzmir Deputy Serter, who also made a proposal on the issue, suggested that as a suggestion, the highway charge for Urla should be arranged as 29 TL for the 1.36 km highway distance, and the freeway charge for Karaburun as 56 TL for the 2.63 km highway distance. Serter, the distance to 79 km for Çeşme given by the General Directorate of Highways determined that the 3.75 TL fee would be appropriate to remain fixed, he said.

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