No CHP Karabat, Istanbul Airport

can not be done at the pepli karabat istanbul airport
can not be done at the pepli karabat istanbul airport

The 3 that the AKP has been promoting for years. Flights are hitting the airport. While discussing these problems, the claim that the airport will sell to foreigners was raised. Özgür Karabat, the CHP deputy of Istanbul, issued a statement on the alleged air traffic and sales allegations.


Since its inauguration, Istanbul Airport has not been on the agenda since its inception, and 17 air traffic failures occurred in May due to weather conditions. Many planes had to take a long tour of the air and some of the aircraft are directed to the Çorlu Airport expressing Karabat, a serious külfete caused problems, on the one hand claimed that increased air pollution.


Karabat: ın We pointed out many problems that have taken place today without the foundations of this airport. Subject experts and NGOs made important warnings. However, the AKP government did not take any warnings into consideration when it came to seeing the event as just rant and propaganda. Ancak

From the early days before the airport was put into operation, the experts came up with the criticism that the area was established in an area not suitable for flight. In the 2014 about the issue, almost all the problems expressed in the study of TMMOB's Airport Working Group are seen today, says Karabat; said that the spokespersons of the power acted with an unpredictable, unimportant and imposing approach.


Turkish Aeronautical Association Technical Unit 3. Karabat reminded that it could not give approval to the airport project: ay We can foresee that the weather in May will grow even more in the autumn and winter months. Moreover, this airport has the target of reaching 90 million in the first year, 120 million in the second year and 150 in the third year. Undoubtedly, the mishaps will have a negative impact on achieving the targets. There may also be a serious public damage because the passenger warranty given to the operator may not be realized. İşlet


Karabatı; Malı While the effects of the economic crisis in the country are felt more and more, the AKP government tries to conceal the reality of the crisis and, on the other hand, uses controversial ways to eliminate the crisis. AKP's 3 claiming to be 'domestic and national'. it is very meaningful not to deny the news about the sale of the airport! hava.


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