CHP Akar Railways Have Rent, No Transportation

There is no traffic on the railways
There is no traffic on the railways

📩 16/05/2019 14:00

CHP Kocaeli deputy Haydar Akar TCDD'nin tenders and the problems of the parliament gave a proposal to the investigation.

12 thousand 740 km railway line in our country, while the passenger and freight transportation continues to be experienced by years. 1950 42'ın 3 in the year of the 78'ların passenger transport, while the percentage of the 4'den XNUMX'den XNUMX'ların declining.

Akar, mentioning the importance of the railway in freight transportation, stated that there was a breakthrough period in the railway between 1923-1940 years. “1923 4559 km in 1940 8637 km in the year 240 km, 240 km railway has been built annually. Today, the power of the AKP with iron networks we say, but even in the war years 18 km built in the year 96 XNUMX railway power during the year, but the year has been XNUMX km, Bugün he said.

Haydar Akar, the CHP deputy of Kocaeli, pointed out the auctions in the railway tenders and mentioned the amounts that are clearly stated in the reports of the Court of Accounts. Tender of the Public Procurement Law 4734 number of companies in the auctions in the work of the business which constitutes a significant portion of the tenders by submitting excessive bids by submitting a large part of the project is completed the contract price, he said. Akar, companies of the 9 solid cost of the excavation work costs 22 solid, underlining the 12 solid price offerings by highlighting the approximate cost of the weight of 94 84 these jobs in the total offer of the weight of the 517 said. Akar, contractor firm with the cost of the proposal about the cost of 627 Million TL 31 million TL to do, but the approximate cost of the project 231 million 658 Milton to the remaining part of the project is committed to make the work of the XNUMX million TL as a result of the actual work in return for the production of TL million XNUMX said that it was paid to the companies in millions of dollars.


  1. jealous of the success of the government and railways throw mud

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