Traffic Week Started to be Celebrated in Bursa

traffic week started to be celebrated in scholarship
traffic week started to be celebrated in scholarship

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas emphasized the importance of being conscious of traffic and obeying the rules.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktas participated in the opening program of the 'Highway Traffic Week' held by the Bursa Police Department at the Atatürk Cultural Center (Merinos AKKM) Muradiye Hall. Chairman Aktaş, in his speech, increased awareness of traffic accidents and losses can be minimized the possible accent.

As the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa, Mr. Aktaş said that they have been working on many issues ranging from construction maintenance and repair of roads in 17 district to intersection and signalization applications. We're all part of the traffic. There is something interesting, we do everything we are angry with ourselves from time to time. We park our car in the wrong place, disrupt the traffic, sometimes we can cause negative situations. I argue, 3 is a million-million city about traffic, after that we all obey the rules, we will fix the problems 80-90 percent of the problems, "he said.

President Aktas, reminded of the lack of traffic in public transport can often be mentioned, ini Bursa is a very vibrant and dynamic city, but we have to follow the rules. As the Metropolitan Municipality, one of the issues that we care about is the Electronic Audit System (EDS).

”Use of public transport should increase“

Talking about the transportation and smart junction practices carried out in Bursa and reminiscent of his projects, President Aktaş said, “Acemler is one of our most critical points and we will have a special study on him. However, a city of 3 million needs to use public transport more N, he said, adding that everyone can provide easy access by public transport.

Referring to the need for priority work on pedestrians and cyclists, President Aktaş said, yoğun If everyone follows the rules, we believe that if we carry out our inspections in a more healthy and intensive way, the problems will be solved. Bursa speaks a lot of traffic and transportation. We have taken serious distances but we have more distances. C

Bursa Governor James Jumblatt of traffic accidents occurred in Turkey and throughout the world, he said a significant part of drivers and pedestrians caused by violation of traffic rules. Following the speeches, President Aktaş experienced the traffic related practices of the Provincial Security Directorate.



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