Bursa T2 Tram Line Leaves Citizens in Difficult Position

bursa t tram line citizens were in a difficult situation
bursa t tram line citizens were in a difficult situation

On Yalova Road, pedestrians found the solution of crossing with a 'wooden ladder'. However, there is no one to see every step taken to death.

Olay Newspaper 'According to Derya Demir's report; The removal of pedestrian crossings due to the T2 tram line on the Yalova Road left the citizens in a difficult position. In order to move to the opposite direction of the road, the transition system created by some people with their own means invites the accident.

Just like the transit system near Beşyol Intersection. Citizens leaving the house to go to the school, or to go to their jobs, use the wooden staircase to cross the protection wall in the tram line as they cross the road.

The pedestrians jumping uncontrollably to the road through which a large number of vehicles pass, after defeating the tracks laid by the wooden stairs and passing the tramway, ignores their lives.

Those who are aware of the danger want to ensure that crossings are safe and secure. Environmental residents, the bus stops out stating the expression, lar from the bazaar on the bus leaves. Therefore, we have to make such a transition by taking the danger. Again, some of our students face the road every day because our children's school is across the road. There is an overpass nearby, but do not want to use because it is not fully completed, "he said.

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