Bursa Turkey Model Factory Model Happening

bursa model factory model is going turkiyeye
bursa model factory model is going turkiyeye

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber of fictionalized business world under the leadership of the industry that leverages the 4.0 transition process Bursa Model Factory viewing Mersin Tarsus OSB Chairman Sabri Singles, said the center he believes will contribute greatly to Turkey's digital conversion.

by BCCI, the General Directorate of Industrial Technology Ministry Efficiency United Nations Development Program (UNDP) support to the implementation Bursa Model Factory (BMF) continues to be an example to Turkey. Mersin Tarsus OSB Board of Directors also visited Bursa Model Factory, which was under the scrutiny of many institutions and non-governmental organization managers after the opening, which was held in March with the participation of Vice President Fuat Oktay and business representatives. Mersin Tarsus OSB President Sabri Tekli and Board Members, as well as Bursa Model Factory, carried out in BUTEKOM, Kitchen Academy and Energy Efficiency Center in BTSAB by BTSO. The committee, BTSO Board Member Haşim Kılıç, BUTEKOM General Manager Dr. Mustafa Hatipoğlu and MESYEB General Manager Ramazan Karakök accompanied him.


BTSO Board Member Haşim Kılıç said that BMF, which was designed in line with the demands of the Bursa business world, will increase the competitiveness of companies in a period dominated by Industry 4.0. Bursa Model Factory gives a vision to companies in many areas from productivity increase to quality, from lean production to digital transformation. kazanNoting that he will continue to do so, Kılıç said, “The center combines theoretical and practical training methods within the framework of experiential learning principles. We want to accelerate the transition of our SMEs to digital transformation in the industry. We will continue to provide support to the Bursa business world for basic needs such as infrastructure and human resources for digital transformation.” said.


Mersin Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone Chairman Sabri Singles, Bursa, Turkey, where the industrial infrastructure that has significant value, he said. After the Model Factory in Ankara, the Bursa Model Factory also stated that they had made a nice technical trip, and stressed that they had attempts to build a model factory in Mersin. Turkey's technological era to capture the Model Factory important role indicating that the single undertaking, "one of the centers of our country will improve adaptation to future technology initiatives have the opportunity to see in Bursa. Turkey's Industry 4.0 to our business during the transition period is very important to raise awareness of employers and managers. Bursa Model Factory, successful work in this sense. We also want our business world to be aware of one-to-one applications in these model facilities. I would like to express my gratitude to the Ministry of Industry and Technology for the establishment of Bursa Model Factory and I congratulate BTSO. Bursa

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