From President Sayan to Ağrılılara Tram Gospel


Mayor of Ağrı Mayor Sayan's trolley gospel caused excitement in the city.

Ağrı Civil Society Platform, along with the Mayor of the Municipality of Prosecutor Sayan, this issue has come up again

President Sayan looks pretty stable on the tram

He believes he has met with the Minister of Transport and that a light rail system can do business in Ağrı.

Sayan said that the preliminary talks for the tram, which is planned to come from the university to Republic Street, seem to be completed.

Sayan, who said that the tram would not be two-way in Erzurum Street, mentioned a single trending tram line

When you bring a little path into consideration, it is obvious that there will be no bi-directional lines.

Prosecutor Sayan's project to bring the tram in Erzurum Street will bring a different image together. Ağrı's almost circumference with this project can be changed.

It is also possible for Sayan to solve the problem of free transportation to students by means of a municipal transportation.

It is an investment that can be a symbol of the city as the face of Ağrı will change with the start of the tram project which is taken into consideration during the election campaign from time to time. With the realization of tram and similar investments, the pain increases with its own expression and Ağrı becomes a brand city. (ajansxnumx)

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