Minister Varank's 'Domestic Cars' Explanation

domestic car
domestic car

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, recently Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB), Turkey's Automobile Enterprise Group with the presentation made by the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan made an explanation. Industry and Technology Minister Varank underlined that everything went as planned in the new process. Sonunda At the end of 2019, a prototype will be revealed and in 2022 we hope to see our vehicles in our streets Yeni.


Varank Ministers, Turkey's Cars Initiative Group, noting that it was appointed highly experienced and professional team with the CEO, "They are trying very selfless. With the arrival of our friend, the real project has already started. Workflows have been uncovered. Workflows continue as planned. I hope the 2019 will produce a prototype at the end of the year. Turkey will have seen the prototype of the car. Currently completed two-dimensional drawings, appeared quite a nice tool. We presented two-dimensional drawings to Mr. President. Say


In the new process, everything went as planned in the project, 2022 will see the domestic car in the streets Varank noted, ı Currently there is a problem in the plan. Intervention group caught up with the age, this window will reveal a model as evaluated. I believe this model will be kept. I don't think there will be a market shortage because they will be the best electric car in their class. operations related infrastructure for electric vehicles it will perform soon in Turkey. I believe we will catch the export as it will create an automobile according to the requirements of the era. Citizens, public institutions, civil society organizations doing public duty 'We get our own vehicle, even though the vehicle is constantly receive messages,' 'he said.


Varank, 3 dimensional drawings and engineering studies continued by explaining, Ar Currently R & D dimension of the project in the activities related to the work of a team of 40 personality engineers only works within the company. This engineering group is growing every day. 300 is expected to reach the end of the year. Moving to a new R & D center. I hope Turkey's R & D center of auto intervention group also will explain the new location and will do the opening. "He said.


Varank stated that there is a tendency towards electric vehicles in the world market. Elen The problems arising especially in Europe accelerated this process. With the introduction of electric cars, technology is rapidly evolving in areas such as driving techniques, smart city planning, automobile software. With the return to the electric car began to change the whole industry. Therefore, we will convert all of Turkey's automobile industry is not the only project as an automobile project in Turkey, we see it as a project that will transform the automotive industry. Mobility ecosystem will develop in the transformation of the automotive industry in the development of new technologies that will lead to an important opportunity for Turkey. This is not just an R & D project, but a project to create a brand so to speak. Bu


Varank, said: An R & D project can be produced as a product, but this product can be produced, the factory to be established, to meet the need to produce, spare parts, sales network, dealer network, service network to establish, to keep this brand, if necessary, to be exported M These are the big processes that need to be planned. Here they are trying to uncover Turkey's car as a brand. We're talking about an annual 15 plan. 15 5 model 3 facelift is thought to be made over the years. We are doing this by our private sector and we as the state can do what we can do, how we can contribute.

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