Inactive Wagon and Locomotives are being Brought to Tourism in Lefke

wagons and locomotives in transit
wagons and locomotives in transit

21 wagon and 10 locomotives in the CMC area are being converted to tourism in Lefke

Tourism in Lefke continues for tourism purposes
1974 wagon and 21 locomotive will be used in Lefke for tourism purposes since 10 has been idle at the construction site of the free port area rehabilitation project in Gemikonağı.

Wagons and locomotives are being displaced after 45 years
The Mayor of Lefke Aziz Kaya said that they received help from the Union of Municipalities for the transportation of the 21 wagon and 10 locomotive in the CMC region.

He stated that rock, wagons and locomotives would be installed at the points where the train tracks from Montenegro to Gemikonağı pier were going to be installed and they would be added to tourism after their maintenance was completed. (Cyprus Newspaper)




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